Sixth Form Malawi Trip

Sixth Form Malawi Trip


A group of Sixth Form students visited Malawi as part of an ongoing relationship with Malosa Secondary School.

During the trip, the students, alongside Mr Britton, Miss Hudson and Mrs Wills, visited the Malosa Secondary School, observing lessons, meeting with teachers and students and spent time going on walks, eating together and celebrating each other’s cultures during a celebration evening. As well as this, the group spent time visiting the local community such as Likewenu Primary school, where students spent time reading to the pupils and Nkope School for the blind.

Students volunteered with an organisation that works in the community and students visited a local family and helped lay a floor and build an outside toilet. All these visits provided students with an opportunity to meet with local people, give items donated by the Bishop Ramsey community, and volunteer time and build relationships.

Students also had the amazing opportunity to visit Lake Malawi and spend time on the beach, go on a Safari where they saw Lions, Elephants and Hippopotamus' to name but a few.

The trip was an opportunity of a lifetime and students and teachers had an amazing and rewarding time!