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Key Stage 5

AQA GCE Economics 7136

Students investigate microeconomic topics such as how individual decisions impact economic outcomes, the importance of competition, how markets operate, why they fail, market structures and how the distribution of income and wealth is affected. At the same time, they will learn about macroeconomics, looking at the 'bigger picture' of how our national economy fits into the global context, the macroeconomics objectives such as inflation and economic growth, the global impact of financial markets and monetary policy and the operation of the international economy through trade agreements.

Economics is academic in its approach; confidence in both Mathematics and English is an advantage as the examinations require a good standard of comprehension, fluency and the interpretation of statistical evidence.

A-level economics is a two-year course and students complete three exams. Paper 1 – MICRO Economics, Paper 2 – MACRO Economics, Paper 3 which is a synoptic paper.

AQA GCE Economics 7136

Independent Learning

The department encourages pre-reading and post-class review of content to consolidate knowledge and understanding. Economics is based on models which aim to simplify complex theory; therefore we expect a significant amount of time spent practising these models to understand their application. Students are encouraged to complete exam questions and past papers.


The Economics Department offer a variety of conferences throughout the year, in particular online lectures hosted by Deloitte and Discover Economics. Annual revision workshops with EconplusDal and Tutor2u also available.

Economics students are offered Essay Writing competitions to enter throughout the year and access to a daily Economics Blog which shares interesting articles to explore the subject independently. Students are also provided with a weekly Economic update from Industry experts to understand the importance of economic events and the impact on topics introduced in the classroom.

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