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    Hillingdon Dream Bike Competition - Winners

    Two of our students have recently triumphed in a competition to design a dream bike run by Hillingdon Council.  Bethany (Year 9) won the overall competition and Holly's (Year 10) entry so impressed the judges that they have commissioned a print of the design to be displayed in the Mayor's Parlour at the Civic Centre.

    Bethany's entry, entitled "It's a Wonderful World" was inspired by the many walks she has taken during the lockdown, which has led her to appreciate and value the world around her. She says "Although this is a strange time, perhaps it has given our world a much needed chance to restore and recover so I think everyone should get on their bike and ride through our wonderful world."

    Holly's entry was influenced by the recent VE Day celebrations. She feels there are many parallels between the bravery of the soldiers 75 years ago and the key workers currently risking their lives looking after patients with Covid-19. She notes "I wanted my bike to represent a sense of celebration but also commemoration for those we should never forget."

    Holly and Bethany have been invited to visit the Mayor's Parlour, when it is safe to do so, to see Holly's work displayed. A fantastic achievement for them both!