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    Fourth Plinth Schools Award - Borough Winner!

    One of our Year 9 students has won the Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2020 for the London Borough of Hillingdon.

    This exciting competition involves designing an artwork, inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square which houses temporary sculptures.  Artwork submitted can include the following media: drawing, sculpture, painting, collage and digital. A winner is chosen for each Borough.

    Ella explains her winning entry: "I show the corruption in businesses and how people in third world countries are exploited daily for their hard labour. I wanted to show how the pain of the people in those countries and how the business owners do not care about the suffering they are causing. All they care about is the money they make. I based this piece off the blood diamond in Africa, sweatshops in China and poverty in India."

    Ella will visit City Hall with her family later in the year to attend the awards ceremony and claim her prize.