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    Speak Out Regional Final

    On Wednesday 27th November, Jacob Nettleship and his supporters made their way to the Hillingdon final of Jack Petchey's "Speak Out" competition, held at Bishopshalt school. Jacob was selected to represent Bishop Ramsey, having won the school competition the week before, in an assembly "speak off" against six students from across Year 10.

    The atmosphere was energetic and a real celebration of young people and what they can achieve. There were 21 students, representing  all the schools in Hillingdon, and their topics were as diverse as them. We had both humorous and emotional speeches on electric cars, autism, mental health, domestic abuse, racism and being a middle child. Each was well crafted, thought provoking and passionate, proving young people have plenty to say, when given the opportunity.

    Jacob gave a witty and well-crafted speech on perspectives, in which he used the now-famous Jaffa cake example to explore how we see things differently and that this is a good thing.  He spoke with humour and eloquence, delivering an engaging performance of which he should be proud.

    The winners were selected by a panel looking for a wide range of skills, including the Mayor and a representative from the Scouts and they awarded Bishopshalt and Douay Martyrs the highest scores of the evening.

    We are incredibly proud of Jacob and the work he put into making his speech truly excellent and unique; he was a worthy representative of Bishop Ramsey at the regional event.