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    The first Bishop Ramsey Poet Laureate is announced

    We are thrilled to announce that Amy in Year 12 is the first ever Bishop Ramsey Poet Laureate.

    To be considered for the role, students were invited to submit a poem of their own creation on the subject of Change.

    Miss Calabrese and the judging panel felt that Amy's poem was exceptional and they are delighted to appoint her to this newly created role. Amy will hold the post until the end of the school year and during her tenure she will be writing poems at special occasions and event in school, amongst other literacy based activities. An important part of her position is to lead the Creative Writing club on Thursday lunch times, starting in November 2019.

    We are excited to see how Amy develops her role and wish her success in her poetry based endeavours during the year.

    To read Amy's poem, please click here