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    ShoutWest Literary Festival

    This week some Bishop Ramsey students took part in the ShoutWest Literary Festival at Brunel University. The students got to meet and work with authors, illustrators, animators and TV screen writers for two days.

    The two days were packed with activities such as drama, writing and illustration workshops, and each student produced their own piece of creative writing. Some students were brave enough to read out their work and all took part in a 'graduation ceremony' at the end of the Festival.

    Highlights of the two days were a dramatic reading by author Margaret Bateson-Hill and an illustration demonstration by CBBC writer and animator, Alex Milway.

    Here is what one of our students wrote about the event: “I liked being given the objects and writing a story about them and I liked the work on describing feelings and emotions. I also loved being at the University”. Taylor O'Brien, Year 8.