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    Hillingdon Schools Concert 2018

    The Music Department was very proud to take part in the Hillingdon Schools Concert in Hillingdon House Farm Sports Ground on 13th June.


    In the afternoon of a busy day on Wednesday, the Junior Band gathered together for the penultimate rehearsal.

    The day happened to be sunny but slightly breezy. This did not affect the excitement and joy which we were anticipating.

    It was delightful to see a commitment of many other schools involved which were celebrating the joy and love for music. Our Junior Band delivered three exciting pieces: “Havana”, “Staccato Beans” a solo piano performed by Alex Williams and “These Days”.   The concert lasted for four and a half hours with a variety of musical items performed.  There were lots of laughs and applause!

    It was a memorable evening and I look forward preparing for the next one!

    Ms D Jankauskaite, Head of Music