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    Lent Appeal and Ramsey Lock-In

    A record breaking Lent Appeal this year with new events such as our Ramsey Lock-In.  We raised £5500 in total, with £3222 of that from the Lock-In alone.  This was split between our two Lent Appeal Charities; Crisis and London Diocese Fund Homelessness Appeal. 


    On Friday 23rd March, we stayed overnight at school for 12 hours to raise money for different homelessness charities. We did a range of activities including a photo scavenger hunt around the school, throwing paper aeroplanes off the top floor of the wedge block and `Capture the Flag’ around school. As well as this, some of us played `glow in the dark’ football and made shelters from pieces of cardboard. We also had loads of free time the whole night to play basketball in the sports hall and chat to friends. The lock-in was really fun, it was a great opportunity to do some things you would never usually get to do in an average school day as well as raise money for charity.

    Rachel Bronnert (10S)