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    BR launches it's Well-Being campaign

    On the 5th March, Bishop Ramsey launched its ‘Well-being’ campaign. The aim is to encourage students to talk about how they are feeling and share any issues they are faced with in and outside of school.

    This has been led by sixth form students Lottie Brenner, Emily Maud, Helena Crowie and Hannah Kemp.  We want to educate students about mental health issues and promote how they take care for their mental wellbeing and help one another. 

    As a school, we want to combat the stigma that is attached to mental health and encourage students be open with each other and not be judgemental. One way we have explored ‘Mental health and Wellbeing this week is through assemblies and sharing how mental health issues can be linked to the curriculum. The information is available for all students to read in the Atrium.

    Further development will take place in the next few months; this will include a ‘Wellbeing information board’ located along the humanities corridor. It will have a variety of useful information to support students such as useful web links and recent articles and discussions based around health and mental wellbeing.  As a school we will continue to discuss this topic in registration and L4L lessons.

     A Wellbeing group has also been set up; this is overseen by Miss Wood and sixth form student,  Lottie Brenner. It consists of 10 sixth form students and 2 Year 9 students. We will be meeting regularly to address the ‘Wellbeing’ of all Bishop Ramsey students and the way forward.  Students wishing to join the group should see either Miss Wood or Lottie Brenner.