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    The Globe Players visit Bishop Ramsey

    On Friday 23rd February the Globe Players visited Bishop Ramsey to perform 'Macbeth' for Year 11 and 'What You Will' for Year 8.

    'Macbeth' was a very good revision aid for Year 11 as it brought the play to life. The players performed a condensed version of the play, picking out key quotes, ideas, context and themes.

    'What You Will' is an introduction to Shakespeare following the development of Shakespeare’s career, from The Comedy of Errors to The Tempest, it includes many of his most famous scenes along the way including extracts from Richard III, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

    Year 8 have just started to study 'The Tempest' so this was an excellent introduction for them.


    Below you will find some comments taken from students:

    “I really enjoyed Macbeth being performed on stage by the Globe Players as it really brought the play to life. The context and reminder of the plot will really help me in my exam.”  

    “I loved the way the staging was set as we sat around the stage the way you do at The Globe Theatre. "

    The actors explained key quotes from key scenes and how they helped the plot."

    “I think the performance by the Globe Players was an amazing performance, they showed us parts of love, anger and comedy. It was an excellent performance and the way the chairs were set out showed us what it would be like in the real Globe Theatre.”