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    St Cecilia Concert

    The Music Department hosted a St. Cecilia Concert in the candle light.  A wide variety of musical items from different genres were performed by the students at Bishop Ramsey.

    It was delightful to see many students involved from Y7 to Y13. It was ecstatic to witness the audience of 135 people in the main hall!

    Andrei Anghel opened the concert whilst playing Liszt. His virtuoso performance mesmerised the audience. Deborah Jardine sang beautifully a song from the musical “The Beauty and the Beast”.  Newly formed  'The Bishop Ramsey School Orchestra' of 22 students fantastically performed three Baroque pieces of music.  Wonderful solo performances from Lianne Ho,  Miles Da Silva,  Gerorgina Wright, Amber Powel, Yahee Lee,  Rianna Gregory,  Alex Williams, Elizabeth Viala,  Jacob Hosten and a duet from Jacob Hosten and Ethan Francis were greatly received by the audience. The audience were tapping their hands and feet whilst Jazz Band performed “Fever” and “All Blues”.  Our Junior Choir of 50 youngsters powerfully sang in harmony.  The Senior choir touched the audience hearts with lyrical Enya and Adele’s songs.  A picturesque spectacle of Theatre Musical Club just nailed their performance.

    I hope parents, members of staff and mostly important, the students who performed on the evening enjoyed the results of their hard work!

    It was a memorable night and I look forward to seeing many more concerts to come.

    D. Jankauskaite

    Head of Music