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    Bishop Ramsey chosen to launch the Girls Active Programme - Appearing LIVE on BBC and Sky News!

    Bishop Ramsey PE department as the face of Girls Active in the Youth Sport Trusts media launch. 

    Tuesday 7th of November was the day that the Youth Sport Trust and Women in Sport UK released their national survey results about barriers to participation for girls.

    The survey involved 26,000 girls and boys from 138 schools across England and Northern Ireland. It shows that both boys and girls understand the importance of an active lifestyle, but there is a big disconnect between girls’ attitudes and actual behaviour. 

    Painful periods, issues with confidence and self-consciousness, the pressure of academic school work, and lack of encouragement from teachers and parents, all hold teenage girls back from being physically active.

    The survey data shows: 

    • ​​Secondary school aged boys (11-16) are happier with the amount of physical activity they take part in and enjoy it more than girls (71% of boys compared to 56% of girls).
    • Pressure of school work and low confidence are much bigger barriers to taking part in physical activity for girls than boys (24% of girls compared to 13% of boys)
    • Satisfaction with body image for girls declines with age. One in four are unhappy with their body image at 11-13 years and this figure increases to one in three by the time they reach 14-16 years.
    • Girls do not see the relevance of the skills they learn in PE to their lives (45% of girls compared to 60% of boys).

    Bishop Ramsey School has been involved in the Girls Active programme since it began, now with over 200 schools involved we were chosen as the school to launch the programme with the media. 

    In our school we have powerful Girls Active group, who have not only led whole staff training on gender bias, but also ran a superb Girls Active day last year where all girls were off timetable to take part in a variety of different activities, all led by the Girls Active leaders. 

    This year we have more planned, watch this space.