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    Bishop Ramsey Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Black History Month

    During the month of October, Bishop Ramsey has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of Black History Month.


    During the month of October, Bishop Ramsey has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of Black History Month through a variety of spheres and activities, including the first ever Black History Movie Club. Around the school students would have found key profiles of key Black British individuals, such as Walter Tull, thought-provoking questions to do with black history and inspiring quotes about the topic area. The whole-school celebrated Black History Month through student-led assemblies and during their Learning 4 Life lessons. Overall, Black History Month has been a great success at the school this year and we are looking forward to celebrating it in 2018!


    A key example of a Black British role model which Bishop Ramsey choose to celebrate is a man named Walter Tull.  Walter Tull has a white mother and a black father from the West Indies. His grandfather had been a slave.

    Walter Tull had a troubled life. His parents died while he was a child and he was raised in a children’s home. However, from this difficult start in life Tull developed his athletic talent and began a career as a footballer. Walter became one of the first black footballers in Britain. He was only the second professional black player in the Football League. He played football for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town.

    When the war began in 1914, Walter had to give up football to be a soldier. He joined the British Army as part of the Northampton Football Battalion. Walter was a good soldier, and was soon promoted. He was made a sergeant and then an officer and despite the fact that officially black soldiers were barred from becoming officers in the British Army at this time.

    Tull heroically fought on the frontlines for four years during World War One before being asked to lead an attack against the German forces in France. Whilst charging through No Mans Land Tull was hit by a bullet from a German machine gun and was pronounced dead instantly.

    Tull through his service in the army to this country demonstrates the characteristics and qualities of a black British role model and is someone that we could all aspire to be like. Walter Tull’s family have only recently received a Military Cross in honour of his service and he has recently featured on a commemoratory set of coins that honour soldiers that lost their lives during World War One.