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    Musical Showcase

    Hosted by Bishop Ramsey students, a Musical Showcase took place on Tuesday 2nd May in order to raise funds for the upcoming Summer production of 'Guys & Dolls'.

    On the evening of Tuesday 2nd May some of Bishop Ramsey's Sixth Form students hosted a Musical Showcase in order to raise money for the upcoming production of Guys and Dolls.

    The sixth formers had organised all aspects of the production including the marketing, rehearsing, selling of tickets and setting up of the stage. They had a range of students involved from Year 7 through to Year 12 and each act was professional and entertaining.

    There were outstanding ensemble pieces including songs from Les Miserables, Grease and Miss Saigon.  There was also a wonderful tap performance from the Sixth Form girls to Anything Goes and a mixture of amazing duets and solo pieces, including 'For Good' and 'The Last Night of the World'.

    Some teachers got involved too. Mr Britton sang 'Empty Chairs' from Les Miserables and Mr Mayne sang 'Party Queen' from Grease, with a great deal of audience participation. The show was well attended, with nearly every seat taken and the students raised £500 which will be put towards costumes and props for Guys and Dolls.
    It was a lovely evening, with both the students involved and the audience having a wonderful time.


    Elizabeth Tarsey - admin
    "A massive thank you to the team of Sixth Form students who supported throughout the process of putting on this showcase."

    Blyth McPherson - director/choreographer
    "It was such a wonderful thing to be a part of, all the students were so enthusiastic and everybody put so much hard work in.  Thank you to everybody who came and supported us."
    Amber Samuels - performer
    "As a new student to the Sixth Form I really enjoyed being involved in such a supportive production and thank you to everyone who contributed to what was a wonderful evening."

    Fleur Mahdessi Sarkissian - performer/choreographer
    "I'm very proud of everyone who put in the time and effort to make this show so wonderful in such a short space of time.  I'd like to give a shout out to the girls who learnt the tap dance so quickly and performed it so beautifully."