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    Student success at 'Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2017'

    We are delighted to announce that Omotese in Year 9 has been awarded a prize for her inspirational piece entitled 'The Unique'.

    Schools across London were invited to submit entries in the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2017. Students were challenged by the Mayor of London  to create a piece of artwork that could go on top of the empty Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square.

    Over 2,500 ideas from creative young students were received. We are therefore delighted to announce that Omotese in Year 9 has been awarded a prize for her inspirational piece entitled 'The Unique'. Congratulations Omotese, a fantastic achievement.

    Omotese's winning entry will be on display at City Hall alongside other prize winners from 24th April - 30th June. An awards ceremony for winners will take place at City Hall on 27th April 2017. Winning students will receive a prize from this year's judge, David Shrigley.

    Please see below Omotese's winning entry's great concept:

    "As you can see there is a jar filled with butterflies of the same colour. However in the centre of the butterflies there is a pink one. This butterfly is 'the unique'. It has a different style and colour from the rest and stands out. My sculpture shows that it is good to be different but too many people think otherwise. Too many people think that being the same is normal, but it isn't, it's boring. However the jar is yellow, symbolising hope. One day these butterflies will be free of this jar of a society. When they are free they won't be the same. They'll be pinks, reds, purples, greens, blues and every colour there is. Some will be plain, some will have dots some will have lines. they will all be different. they will all be 'the unique'.

    Congratulations to all Bishop Ramsey students  who submitted an entry. Please click here to view all entries from Bishop Ramsey.