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    The Bishop Ramsey 'Virtue Project' is Launched

    This exciting initiative was launched on 9th January 2017 within Bishop Ramsey.


    At Bishop Ramsey School we aim to develop a community that is academically excellent and rounded in character. The 'Virtue Project' is an opportunity for us all to self-evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our characters and self-determine who we will become.

    Students have been issued with their very own virtue project cards allowing ease of reference to the following Learning and Character Virtues: 

    Learning Virtues Character Virtues
    Reasoning Wisdom
    Resourceful Courage
    Reflective Justice
    Resilient Humility
    Relate Responsibly Integrity



    A community that not only have knowledge but use their knowledge for others.


    A community that act with courage in every area of their life.  They act even in times when they are   fearful.


    A community that are determined and constantly are determined to give everyone his or her rightful respect and honour.


    A Community which knows its individual/communal value and importance, and uses it to exalt others.


    A community that consistently is true to itself and acts in line with moral standards even when no one is watching.


    A Community that voluntarily shares the burdens of others and acts.


    Equipped with a personal virtue profile booklet, containing information about each of the virtues, students will complete self-assessment activities biweekly during the spring and summer terms.

    During June 2017, we will hold a 'Virtue Week' when all faculties will focus on the virtues within their curriculum.