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    Swap - don't chuck!

    The art of swapping returned to Bishop Ramsey School on Friday 17th October.


    The art of swapping returned to Bishop Ramsey School on Friday 17th October, 2014 following last year’s successful swap shop, but this year it was even bigger and better.

    As part of the school’s Eco strategy, Year 7 were invited to take part in a swap shop bringing their unwanted good condition items into school to swap with their peers. It also encouraged them to meet students from other forms building communication and friendships.

    The occasion was the idea of Miss Petford and was organised by the Year 13 Geography students.

     It was designed to reduce waste and landfill by swapping, instead of throwing away, unwanted items. The 6th formers had sent letters to parents, presented the concept of the swap shop to the
    Year 7s, prepared a PowerPoint on recycling and organised the day. New this year was the home-made cake stall which proved very popular.




    This year students wandered around showing their swaps and there was much excitement, fun and noise as the items to be swapped were revealed and the swapping started. There was a variety of paraphernalia for swapping including books, games, DVDs, soft toys, cars, computer games and make-up. However, the most popular objects this year were hats, mobile phone covers and jewellery.

    Anything that had not been swapped by the end of the session and no longer required by the owner was taken to a local charity shop continuing the Eco theme.

    The Year 7s really enjoyed the experience, moving around the hall and swapping, sometimes more than once. Their comments included: “I have really enjoyed meeting other people”, “I wish I had bought more things to swap”, “I really like what I have swapped”, “I have got my sister’s birthday present through swapping”.

    This was a very successful and enjoyable morning which produced a lot of laughter and many happy people. Congratulations to the organisers, Miss Petford and the 6th form Geography students.

    Miss Neal

    Senior Librarian