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    'We Will Rock You'

    'We Will Rock You' rocks Bishop Ramsey!

    At the end of the summer term we were treated to a stunning production of 'We Will Rock You' performed by the Bishop Ramsey Production Society.  Read below about one student's WWRY experience and comments from other students and Mrs Simmons, Head of Drama.   

     "In January 2014 we embarked on a musical journey, which was to end with our fabulous show, “We Will Rock You”.  As for all productions, it started with auditions, where we all sang one Queen song, I myself choosing “Fat Bottomed Girls”, a personal favourite of mine.  All auditions were fantastic, but some stood out more than others, such as Ariane Zandi’s, who was an obvious choice for the part of Killer Queen, thanks to her booming, operatic voice.

    Soon after, all parts were cast, and rehearsals started. Everyone bonded well as a group, and clear friendships began to form within the entire cast and band. Time went by and before we knew it it was the tech rehearsal, where we could finally see the show for what it was, and improve anything we could.  After months of hard work, with many ups and downs, it came to the opening night and the nerves backstage began.  But despite this, the cast and band united, with everyone helping everyone in any way they could, hair, costumes, make up, all of it.  Then, the show began.  And as soon as it had started, it ended.  With an incredible rush of adrenaline, the first night was over.  And one by one, the shows were completed.  After many tears, laughs, and one inappropriate dance from Toby Poole, our journey had ended. “The experiences I had whilst working on this show will stay with me forever!” claimed Toby, after we saw more of him than first anticipated."   Alexander Wheeler (12.1)

    “The best part was all the people I got to know so well.”  Emilie Wright (11S)

    “It was such fun playing  Pop.  He was such a weird character that playing him really challenged my acting skills.”  Madeline Lever (11S)

    “I loved working with all of the students. They were dedicated, hardworking and committed to producing a fabulous show.”  Mrs Simmons, Head of Drama