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    Who to Contact at Bishop Ramsey

    It is sometimes difficult knowing who to contact when having an enquiry.

    You may find the following information helpful.

    Most commonly communication is via email or telephone. If parents/carers telephone the school they will be able to speak to a member of the office staff who will ask them to leave a voicemail message with the teacher they wish to contact should the teacher not be available at that time.

    Initial enquiries concerning your son/daughter should be directed as follows:

    General Enquiries - Form Tutor

    Subject Specific Enquiry - Subject Teacher/Head of Faculty

    Overall Student Progress - Year Director

    Serious Concerns - Leadership Team

    Other Useful Contact


    Miss Reid

    01895 671092


    Mrs Jerham

    01895 671041 

    Attendance/Absence     (Year 7-11)

    Mrs Kimber

    01895 671001

    Attendance/Absence      (Year 12 & 13) Mrs Morrison 01895 671096


    Mrs Lovewell

    01895 639227


    Mrs Jerham

    01895 671044


    Mrs Prest

    01895 671002


    Mrs Hagon

    01895 671002


    Mrs Jenkins

    01895 639227 


    Mrs Carpenter

    01895 639227


    Mrs Hagon

    01895 671002

    Pastoral (Sixth Form)

    Mrs Morrison

    01895 671096


    Miss Drakos 01895 639227

    Welfare/Lost Property

    Mrs James/Mrs Tarrant

    01895 671088 


    Year Teams

    Year 7 Director - Ms C Priestley

    7R Mrs Munro/Mr Armafio
    7A Mr McGinnes
    7M Miss Matthias
    7S Miss Walshe
    7E Mrs Navarro
    7Y Mrs Strachan-Fairweather
    7Y2 Mrs Aitken/Mrs Morgan Smith

    Year 8 Director - Ms J McLoughlin

    8R Miss Jakku
    8A Ms Peres da Costa/ Mrs Holmes
    8S Mrs Vishnoi
    8E Miss Hudson       
    8Y Mr Ubbi

    Year 9 Director - Mr M Winn

    9R Miss Hunte
    9A Ms Miell
    9M Miss Smith
    9S Mr Mayne/Mrs Vakeria
    9E Miss Hindocha        
    9Y Ms Saenz

    Year 10 Director - Mr S Wills

    10R Miss Goldstein
    10A Mrs White/Mrs Holbrook
    10M Mr Doran
    10S Mr Ketter
    10E Mr Murphy 
    10Y Mrs Oldfield/Mrs Gohil-Al-Sheikh

    Year 11 Director - Mr S Forrest

    11R Miss Quinn
    11A Mrs Wills
    11M Miss Carroll
    11S Mr Stelmaszczyk
    11E Ms Garcia Espejo    
    11Y Mr Khan

    Year 12 Director - Mr A Jeffries

    12.1 Ms Edmund
    12.2 Dr Jackson
    12.3 Mr Appel
    12.4 Mrs Ngochi
    12.5 Mr Naeem
    12.6 Dr McGeady/Mrs Williams

    Year 13 Director - Mr B Aitken

    13.1 MrsJeffries/Mrs Kochhar
    13.2 Mr Tulsidas
    13.3 Mr Swan/Mr Patel
    13.4 Ms Hodgson
    13.5 Mrs Cullum/Mrs Burnam Richards


    Heads of Faculty

    English Mrs Cannon
    Expressive Arts Ms Curling
    Inclusion/SENCO Miss Robinson
    Mathematics & ICT Mrs Kochhar
    MFL Mrs Munro
    RE & Humanities Mrs Cullum
    Science Mrs Jeffries
    Social Studies Mrs Gohil-Al-Sheikh


    Leadership Team

    Dr Macaulay Executive Head and CEO
    Mr Britton Deputy Headteacher
    Mrs Lovewell Assistant Headteacher
    Miss Maycock Assistant  Headteacher
    Mrs Shah Assistant  Headteacher
    Miss Murphy Assistant  Headteacher
    Miss Wells Assistant  Headteacher
    Mrs Bhad Chief Operating Officer