The School in the Community

    ‘All manner of thing shall be well’ (St Julian of Norwich)

    Concern for people in the community is a mark of our Christian responsibility. Bishop Ramsey students are involved serving in the community – locally, nationally and internationally. At Harvest and at Christmas, collections are organised of gift parcels/monies which are then distributed to those in need. For 'Lent Appeal' students in the School arrange a wide range of activities to raise money for charities nominated by the School Council. Collections are also organised for Poppy day and for national and international emergencies when they arise. All Sixth Formers undertake some community service, assisting children, the elderly or those in hospital.

    Malosa School                                                                                                              

    Bishop Ramsey seeks to connect with the global community. For more than ten years we have had a link with Malosa Secondary School in Malawi. In that time we have sought to support the school financially and through monies raised via the St Cecilia Concert and Lent/Christmas giving we have been able to buy a corn mill and a minibus. In the July of 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 parties of Sixth Form students spent two weeks doing community work in Malosa School. In 2013 visit we were able to buy a pick-up truck for the school. On these visits, aside from cultural exchange and activities the students have the opportunity to visit a local hospital, primary school and charitable concerns as well as visiting a township in the second city Blantyre. This enables them to experience first-hand the effects of poverty whilst appreciating the goodwill and generosity of Malawians.

    Interfaith Work

    Bishop Ramsey School is a Christian school and wishes to share Christian faith with confidence with our students, without seeking to proselytise. At the same time we are conscious of living in a multi-faith city and we seek to engender a respectful and informed attitude to people of other faiths. We are involved in several inter faith initiatives, and our students are made conscious of the beliefs of other faiths through the teaching of RE in Years 7-9 and through contact with members of staff who follow other traditions. Our Year 11 students annually visit the local synagogues around the time of Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Community Outreach

    Bishop Ramsey School is proud to engage with our community, holding two annual events for local residents and special guests. During the Spring Term, we hold a "vintage afternoon tea." Guests are treated to tea time delicacies and freshly brewed tea, served on vintage china. They are treated to an afternoon of entertainment provided by our talented choir.  



    At Christmas, we provide a delicious traditional turkey lunch for up to 80 guests from the local area. Our Business students plan, budget, design and make a gift for each guest and our choir provide festive entertainment.