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    19th October 2018

    Welcome to my first ever blog entry. I have been considering writing this for some time, as I realise that as the new Head of School many of you don’t know me very well and this seemed like a good opportunity to reflect and share some of my beliefs and philosophies with you. I hope to write often; that said, there are so many things that I could include in this first entry that I barely know where to start. This has been the most hectic half term of my career. I recognise that some of that is probably the consequence of being a new Head, but if I listed Prize Giving, an Ofsted inspection (of the SCITT not the school), Open Evening and the Tunisian Minister of Education you might get a flavour of the diversity of our experience. One thing that has really struck me about Bishop Ramsey is the way that the whole community can pull together to produce something amazing. I have witnessed this particularly when watching the student tour guides (both on Open Evening and at other times). They are so very eloquent and proud of this school. Of course one focus for me since starting here has been to try to get to know and understand everything about Bishop Ramsey as quickly as possible. This is actually more complex than you probably imagine. Schools, even really excellent ones, are so very different. They all have different staff and students, but also vastly different systems and ways (and dare I say it, different foibles). I have tried very hard to talk to members of the community regularly and ask their opinions, whether that be my own Year 7 classes when I am teaching them, the 6th form students on study periods, the staff I bump into in the corridors, or our extended community of governors and other professionals that come into the school to provide support. It is through gathering all of this information, alongside the formal information such as exam and questionnaire results, that I have already been able to think of and plan ways to move the school forwards. More detail about that in my next post. For now I would say though that it has been a thoroughly rewarding 7 weeks and my thanks to all of you for your warm welcome. As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, please do take care of your children and yourselves and I wish everybody a restful half term holiday.

    Mrs N Adamson

    Head of School