Sixth Form



    What is the Sixth Form Challenge Award ? 

    This is a special award which Sixth Form students can apply for at the end of Year 12.  In order to be successful in your application you must demonstrate a number of qualities that go beyond the normal commitments of being a student. Students must also be able to demonstrate the highest standards of commitment to their courses through excellent levels of attendance and punctuality.

    Why should I apply?

    Achieving the Award demonstrates dedication above and beyond the normal commitment of a student, making you ‘stand out from the crowd’ and supporting your applications to universities, training providers and employers. Working towards your successful application will also help you develop as a person in terms of self-confidence, personal drive and initiative. The fact that you are working towards it will be taken into account when we are appointing a new Head Boy and Head Girl.

    If you achieve the Sixth Form Challenge Award, you will be invited to the Prize giving in the September of  Year 13 when you will receive a specially designed Sixth Form Challenge Award medal.

    What qualities do I need to demonstrate?

    Commitment, Dedication & Reliability

    • Attendance record above 95%
    • Punctuality record above 95%
    • Only been on a Stage of the Code of Conduct once

    Arbor record to confirm


    • Form tutor commendation for participation in form
    • Supporting at least 3 school events (eg. 6th form Information Evening, Open Evening, House events) as a Sixth Form Leader or House Captain.

    Form Tutor to confirm


    Subject Staff//HOY to confirm


    • Full participation in the year 12 L4L programme.
    • Raising at least £25 through a fundraising event
    • Supporting fellow students (eg. buddy reading scheme, supporting PE lessons, peer mentoring, school council)

    Form Tutor to confirm


    Form Tutor to confirm

    Community Service record completed              and Reference  obtained from supervisor



    Completing an Outstanding Personal Challenge

    • This will be unique and personal to you and may be completed inside or outside of school. You can choose your own idea but examples might be one of the following or similar:
    • Organising an event
    • Raising awareness of an issue (eg by planning and delivering a school assembly)
    • Raising over £50 through a personal challenge (eg sponsored swim, bike ride, run, book sale)
    • Collecting and publishing a selection of poetry or short stories from fellow students
    • Volunteering in your spare time

    Head of Year/ External supervisor/photo evidence


    How do I apply for the Award?

    All of our Year 12 students are invited to apply for the Award. At the beginning of Year 12 students will receive a ‘Sixth Form Challenge Award’ record card. These cards will be kept in a folder by your form tutor. Over the year students should aim to complete their record card making sure that they have a teacher signatory for each of the criteria. (ie. For each criteria you must have a member of staff to sign it off as evidence).

    Progress against each of the criteria will be discussed with your form tutor each term, along with future plans for fulfilling the other criteria.

    The application (based on a fully signed record card, form tutor commendation) is submitted at the end of Year 12.

    Please download document below to record successes.

    Year 13 rewards - Student Oscars. Staff and students are invited to nominate Year 13 students who have been particularly outstanding in various categories. The Oscars are then presented at Prizegiving.