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    Remote Learning Policy and Parent Information

    At Bishop Ramsey, when whole year groups are affected by self isolation, our remote learning provision is via online lessons.

    Arbor Student Portal

    From Monday 5th July all assignments will be set using Arbor.

    Students need to logon and create a password so they can access their student portal. Instructions to students are as follows:

    1. Find the email in your mailbox, click on the link to go to the Arbor site  or use this link Bishop Ramsey CE School ( 

    2. Click 'first time logging on' and enter your email address. If there isn't this option, click 'password reset'. 

    3. Find the email Arbor send you and click on the link to set a password of your own. Your SMHW one might work, if it fits the criteria.

    4. Bookmark the page, add as a favourite or create a shortcut on your desktop (right click, new, shortcut). There is no app. Only allow your browser to save your details if you are sure no-one else can access your device; this site has your personal information and picture on it.

    5. Any problems, see your Form Tutor, Year Director or the IT Team. tutor, 

    Continuing to learn remotely

    Whilst remote learning is not be the same as learning together in school, we will endeavour to ensure all students can learn at home, following the curriculum as it would be taught in school. Necessarily, remote learning challenges staff and students in new ways, as they have to adapt, and it particularly means for students that they have to be more independent, organising their time and working through problems themselves.

    Our aim is that we will always be able to provide an effective education, whether students are working from home or are in school, or a combination of both. It may be that some subjects have to adapt the order in which they are teaching course content to suit remote learning and it is likely that progress through the curriculum will be slower than it would be in school, as learning is broken into smaller chunks to allow for time working independently, submitting, downloading, logging on etc.

    Attending online lessons

    Online lessons will be conducted via Microsoft Teams, which students all have access to via their school accounts. Although students can access MS Teams and their lessons via a mobile phone if this is their only option, this is not ideal for completing the work tasks set and we recommend they have access to their own laptop or tablet and the internet for several hours a day. If they do not have a device or laptop, loans are available from the school. Please contact or your child’s Year Director if they do not have this, or if internet access is limited. If access to the internet is an ongoing problem, please also contact Miss Wells, as we may be able to provide assistance.

    Access to all Microsoft apps, including Word, Powerpoint and Teams is via the Microsoft Office site, where they will log in with their school email and school password and can download all the Office apps to a laptop or PC. If using a tablet, apps can be downloaded from an app store.

    All current Teams start with the title 2020_ - others can be ‘hidden’ from view to make it easier to navigate.

    For w/c 4th January, all years are working remotely from home, therefore lessons will be taught online, following the timings of their Week 2 timetable and they are expected to attend the lesson and complete the work set, as they would in school.

    Registration will be at 8.40am as usual and they will need to join the lesson in their form Team to check in with their tutor, ask any questions they have, or view the day’s ‘azoombly’.

    At the time of the lesson, students need to go to their Teams page and open the calendar. They should see the lessons that have been scheduled and can simply click to ‘join’ at the correct time. Video tutorial

    Teachers will also notify students of their lessons via Show My Homework and may include a direct link to the correct location of the lesson. Use the calendar view in Show My Homework to see these more easily. Teachers are teaching other year groups in school and online and are still moving rooms in between, so lessons may begin a few minutes after the official start time.

    Lessons will be recorded so they can be accessed at different times, in case students experience technical or access difficulties. MS Teams records and logs their attendance and engagement and class teachers will also be marking attendance.

    Please be aware, if students have trouble finding their online lesson, or are late, they may get stuck in the ‘lobby’ until the teacher sees they are there. Lessons will be recorded, so they can watch back if they have missed anything.

    All online lessons will consist of around 20-30 minutes of teacher explanation and questions/answers or discussion, followed by independent work of around 20-25 minutes for students to complete. The minimum amount of time students are expected to be learning in a day is five hours and in reality this will be more like 5 and a half, with registration time in the morning.

    The lesson timings are:

    8.40am - registration

    9am - lesson 1

    10am - break

    10.15am - lesson 2

    11.15am - lesson 3

    12.15pm - lunch

    12.45pm - lesson 4

    1.45pm - lesson 5

    If there is no online lesson

    KS3 subjects in which the content is all practical, such as PE and drama, may not conduct online lessons, but will set practical tasks on Show My Homework, for students to complete during their lesson time.

    If students have a double lesson, there may be live content for 30-40 minutes and then an independent task.

    If a teacher is absent from school, there will not be an online lesson, but ‘independent ‘cover’ work will be set.

    The clearest way to view the work set for the day, which may be a combination of online lessons and independent work, is to use the calendar view in SMHW, which shows tasks by the date set.

    If students are stuck and cannot find any work to do, or have completed everything, we ask them to be independent and recommend if they have spare time, they read a book or the news, or use the excellent online learning programmes they have, including GCSE Pod GCSE Learning and Revision | GCSEPod  (sign in with Microsoft Office), Kerboodle, My Maths, BBC Bitesize Home - BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy Home - Oak National Academy

    If students are struggling with getting a piece of work done, they should focus on their work in core subjects and use the message function in Show My Homework to explain to teachers that they are behind/missed something or couldn’t complete. They shouldn’t panic – explaining there is a problem is perfectly fine.

    Submitting work

    Students will be expected to remotely submit work, which will vary depending on the subject and how many lessons they have; it won’t be every task for every lesson. Teachers will ask them to submit something for assessment and feedback every 3-4 lessons. It may take the form of an online test or quiz, a task on an online learning programme, a photograph or scan of the notes they have made in their exercise book, a written assignment or completion of a worksheet. Submission directly to the teacher should be via the task set on Show My Homework, or on Teams if set as an assignment.

    Any feedback on student work, when working remotely, will be a mixture of quiz scores, whole-class comments, whole-class verbal feedback in a lesson, or individual written comments on Show My Homework or Teams assignments.

    Contacting home and absence

    We monitor students’ use of Show My Homework and Teams. Teachers will contact parents, usually by email, if they are concerned that students have not logged in, attended a several online lessons, or that work has not been submitted. Year Directors will make contact if students are not attending, or not submitting work in three or more subjects, so parents can support effectively.

    Please make sure that if your child is ill, or unable to attend online, that you let the school absence line know in the same way as you would if they were attending onsite. If they are struggling to attend online lessons due to technological or internet issues, please let their Year Director know.

    You can set your own parental notifications alerts in Show My Homework, to be told what work has been set.

    Home working tips for parents and students


    Establish routines and expectations: start times, breaks and lunch at school are at clear times. Maintaining this routine can help maintain a positive work ethic and feel very satisfying at the end of the day.

    Identify a clear physical space in which to work: this will make it easier to focus on learning, without distractions. Putting aside mobile phones, or switching off notifications, is also recommended.

    Set times to be on and offline: There will be more screen time than normal whilst working at home and devices may be shared. Spending time offline and relaxing or learning in different ways is important.

    Remember to exercise: Wellbeing is enhanced by physical activity, so do make time for this every day, not just when it would have been a PE lesson.

    Students who are individually self isolating, when the majority of their year group are in school and attending lessons face to face

    When live lessons are not being taught because the majority of a year group is attending lessons in school, students will be directed to the subjects’ blended learning plans, stored in class Teams or on Padlet.

    These will often contain narrated powerpoints, video explanations and tasks to complete independently and in some cases, teacher will livestream the in-school lesson via Teams.

    Teachers will signpost students to the location of these resources via class work tasks on Show My Homework, published daily or weekly.

    Students should contact their class teacher if they are unsure where to start from on the plan or if they have trouble finding the resources they need.

    Again, the easiest way to identify these tasks and distinguish them from homework, which isolating students should also still complete, is by the red colour of the class work tasks. The calendar view on Show My Homework makes it much easier to find the work. Students should avoid using the ‘to do’ list view.


    Please discuss e-safety with your child/ren as they use online resources for learning. There is further guidance in the student area of the school website click here

    Online conduct

    It is important that students learn to use digital resources and spaces in a responsible and professional way, communicating formally as they do in school and remembering that everything posted on Teams is public to the whole class and the teacher.

    We expect the highest standard of conduct from Bishop Ramsey students, online, as well as in school and the school behaviour policy applies equally to online as to conduct in school.  

    SEN support

    Students with Education, Health and Care Plans will be invited into school during extended periods of remote learning. This enables us to help students access the learning activities. The Inclusion Faculty will also be regularly phoning families to talk to students and parents and to offer support in accessing and completing the work set. LSAs will attend the lessons of the students they support so they can answer any questions.

    Pastoral support

    We recognise that students respond in different ways to changes and many find it challenging.

    Form Tutors and Year Directors will continue to support students through phone calls, emails, registration time and assemblies, if their year group are working remotely for some time.

    Support from Place2Be click here

    Report a safeguarding concern click here

    Free School Meals

    If your situation changes and you think you could claim free school meals for your child, formal applications for should be made at

    If provision is required for students who are working from home and not receiving their free school meals, due to Covid 19, please contact to request this.

    When students are not attending due to government instruction (as for wc 4th and 11th January 2021), digital Tesco vouchers will be sent out as a matter of course, to families in which students are entitled to free school meals.


    Frequently Asked Questions  

    Where is the work? 

    All learning activities will be signposted on Show My Homework and resources/forms/quizzes either posted on SMHW or saved on Teams. Switching to the calendar view on Show My Homework helps to track work by the day it has been set. Scheduled lessons can be found in the calendar on Teams and will also be publicised via Show My Homework.

    My child can’t login to Teams or Office

    The username for Microsoft Office is their email address and the password is the same as the one they use in school. Contact if their password needs re-setting.

    Download the Teams app at Download Teams

    Office 365 is available to all students and can be installed on up to five devices. There is no need to keep accessing it via the web browser.  Install Office

    How should students submit work?

    This will vary for each subject and each task and a task may even be automatically submitted if it’s a quiz or online learning tool. Instructions will be in the lesson activities. If students are not sure, they should use their exercise book or complete and submit the work in the same place in which the activity is set. Work in exercise books can be photographed and uploaded to SMHW, if requested by the teacher.

    How can students get help?

    Show My Homework has a messaging function for questions. Students are asked to ensure their messages are in full sentences and of the appropriate tone. Teachers will endeavour to respond to questions as soon as they can, but will be teaching other year groups during the day. If your child can catch up with another subject, read their reading book, or use BBC Bitesize, this will give the teacher time to respond to their query (see further resources linked above in the ‘If there is no online lesson’ section).

    If they are struggling to complete work, getting behind or are worried they missed something, they can send a message to their teacher to let them know – they shouldn’t panic. We just ask that they do their best.

    Problems with accessing resources?

    Narrated powerpoint files do not work if viewed online; they need to be downloaded and opened then viewed in slide show mode. If using a phone and storage is limited, they may need to be deleted after the work has been done. 

    Student Guide to online lessons - please click here

    Useful Contacts:

    Heads of Faculties for subject specific enquiries:

    English/Drama -

    Maths/Information Technology -

    Modern Foreign Languages -

    Expressive Arts/Physical Education  -

    Social Sciences (Sociology, Business, Food and Psychology) -

    Science -

    Religious Education/Humanities -

    Year Directors:

    Year 7 -

    Year 8 - 

    Year 9 -

    Year 10 -

    Year 11 -

    Year 12 -

    Year 13 -


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    Wellbeing and Pastoral

    · Place2Be - click here

    · Wellbeing advice and resources

    · Safeguarding - Report a Safeguarding Concern - click here

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