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    Show My Homework

    SMHW is the platform we are using to send work for KS3 and 4 students to complete at home, whilst the school is closed. Teachers publish work for their subject and students submit the work back via the platform. Teachers can then give feedback on the work, using the messages function, or answer questions.

    There are challenges in doing this, so please refer to these articles and links for further help. If students are unable to submit work due to technical difficulties, please contact the class teacher or year director.

    Help with how to submit work on a mobile phone via the app, or on the website - click here

    Problems with submitting work?

    • Use the instructions in the article above, or search for a video demonstration via Google
    • Use a device other than a phone e.g. a tablet, laptop or PC
    • Try reinstalling the app – it may have been updated and not automatically updated on the device

    Students have access to cloud storage via Onedrive within Office 365, so work that is in digital form can be saved on one device and accessed on another device, whilst online. 

    Office 365 apps can be directly downloaded to devices so that offline working is possible. It needs to be told to do this; it isn't automatic. 

    Problems with Accessing Work?

    Narrated powerpoint files do not work if viewed online; they need to be downloaded and opened then viewed in slide show mode. If using a phone and storage is limited, they may need to be deleted after the work has been done. 

    There have been reports of difficulty accessing narrated ppt via Mac computers. It may be necessary to download a further piece of software to enable the files to be read in the format they have been saved

    Questions and Feedback

    Please be patient with teachers answering questions; they are not online 24/7 and if students have a question, they should ask in plenty of time, not just before the deadline, to allow time for a response.

    If there are specific subject enquiries or comments, please contact subject staff, via the HOF if you don’t have the subject teacher’s email address.


    Remote Learning

    For access issues, passwords, device requests - 

    · Troubleshooting: audio narrated files, submitting

    · Link to the noticeboard/calendar? This is already in the SMHW area of the website.


    Office 365

    Please use the following links to access guidance on how to install the suite of Office 365 applications onto different devices, to be able to work offline and access all features. Up to 5 devices can be used on each account and if devices are shared, more than one account can be linked to a device:



    iphone/ ipad 


    Help and Advice for Parents

    Organising Learning at Home

    There are a great number of tasks published in one go on SMHW as it is a HW platform, not designed for sustained remote teaching. Many students are still struggling with the number of tasks they are being set, so working to a timetable might work better than starting at the top of the list and working down.  Planning a work timetable is not a dissimilar skill to creating a revision timetable for exams and there is some useful advice and downloadable templates at

    Students can manage their 'to-do' list by submitting and ticking off tasks. They then get transferred to a 'completed' folder, which keeps the list more manageable.

    The EEF have also produced a simple checklist of things to do whilst learning at home, please click here.

    Free School Meals

    If your situation changes and you think you could claim Free School Meals for your child, please contact for immediate assistance, as directed by the government sites. Formal applications for September should be made at



    Heads of Faculties for subject specific enquiries:

    English/Drama - 

    Maths/Information Technology -

    Modern Foreign Languages -

    Expressive Arts/Physical Education  -

    Social Sciences (Sociology, Business, Food and Psychology) -

    Science -

    Religious Education/Humanities -


    Sites with Additional Learning Resources

                                                                                         National Literacy Trust Family Zone
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    The Royal Shakespeare Company
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    Jobs with NATIONAL THEATRE | Guardian Jobs
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    Wellbeing and Pastoral

    · Place2Be - click here

    · Wellbeing advice and resources

    · Safeguarding - Report a Safeguarding Concern - click here

    · Wellbeing - Request a Call Form - click here