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    Reading at Bishop Ramsey

    Reading at BR

    At Bishop Ramsey we encourage all our students to read often and widely.

    There are many benefits to reading:

    • It makes you smarter!
    • Reading increases your vocabulary, command of English and communication skills. It increases your knowledge of the world and will support your studies.
    • It improves your concentration and memory. Immersing yourself in a book can really hold your attention. Remember, your brain is a muscle and needs to be used.
    • It reduces stress. Studies have shown that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels up to 68% It can also help you sleep better
    • It supports your emotional development. Reading books allows you explore a range of different emotions, either through the characters themselves, or through your response to them. Reading also develops your empathy skills and can introduce you to new ideas and cultures.
    • Most of all reading is fun! Books are written as entertainment, and you should enjoy them.

    Our key stage reading lists include suggestions for readers of all abilities and interests, but it is not an exhaustive list. Fantastic new books are being published all the time. Some of the books on the list are more challenging or have more mature themes.

    If you are not enjoying a book, it is perfectly fine not to finish it! There are too many great books to read ones you do not like.

    • Browse the school library and speak to Ms Neal
    • Join a public library
    • Check out the Carnegie Medal winners list Carnegie Medal Winners – The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards
    • Use the Goodreads App to create your own reading lists
    • Share books with your friends and family

    Other ways to find suggestions for reading: · Check out the Bishop Ramsey reading lists on Click on the link for each Key Stage Reading List below:


    E-reading Platform

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    How to access and use the E-reading Platform: eplatformguide