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    We have a number of policies, procedures and guidance documents which may be of interest to you during your time as a parent at Bishop Ramsey - some of these are available to view and download from this page - see further down.

    1. Acceptable Use Agreement (Student)
    2. Accessibility Plan
    3. Anti Bullying Policy
    4. Assessment Policy
    5. Attendance Policy
    6. Behaviour Policy
    7. Charging Policy
    8. Children with health needs who cannot attend school Policy
    9. CCTV Policy
    10. Complaints Policy & Procedures
    11. Data Breach Response Process Policy
    12. Data Protection Policy
    13. Document Retention Schedule
    14. Draft Complaints Policy & Procedures
    15. ECT Induction Policy
    16. Equality Duty and Equality Objective
    17. Equality Information & Objectives
    18. Exams Policy
    19. First Aid Policy
    20. Freedom of Information Guide to Info Available
    21. Health & Safety Policy
    22. ICT Acceptable Use (Student) Statement
    23. Model Publication Scheme Freedom of Information Act
    24. Managing Students Medical Needs Policy
    25. Online Safety Policy
    26. Privacy Notice
    27. Provider access policy statement
    28. Pupil Premium Policy
    29. Records Management Policy
    30. Relationships and Sex Education Policy
    31. Safeguarding Policy
    32. Safeguarding Policy Appendices - Children in Need and Need of Protection - Contact Details for workers
    33. Safeguarding Policy Appendices - Court and Children with Disabilities Teams contact details (1)
    34. Safeguarding Policy Appendices- First Response Teams Contact Details
    35. Safeguarding Policy Appendices - LAC and Leaving Care contact details
    36. Safeguarding Policy Appendices -Structure Chart Children in Need and Need of Protection 16.03.2020
    37. School Trips Policy
    38. SEND Local Offer 2021
    39. SEND Information Report 2021-22
    40. Special Educational Needs Policy
    41. Teaching and Learning Policy
    42. Trustees and Governors Code of Conduct
    43. Worship Policy
    44. Whistleblowing Policy