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    Physical Education

    Physical Education is part of the Expressive Arts Faculty

    • Miss C Curling - Head of Expressive Arts Faculty/Head of Physical Education
    • Miss K Hunte - Second in Physical Education Faculty
    • Mrs S Aitken - Teacher of Physical Education
    • Mr S Forrest - Year Director/Teacher of Physical Education
    • Miss A Maycock - Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Physical Education
    • Mr S Wills - Year Director/Teacher of Physical Education
    • Mr J Preston - Teacher of Physical Education

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    Curriculum plans for 2020/2021


    As a PE department we are making some changes to the way that PE is being taught and structured. This takes into account student responses as well as the latest research on an effective curriculum by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England. We hope that these changes create a meaningful, supportive and fun curriculum that engages all pupils.


    Behind the very basis of success in PE is the mastery of fundamental techniques and movements. This will allow students to fully participate in lessons in school as well as prepare them for a life-long love of physical activity.

    All lessons will contain moderate to vigorous activity level to promote physical health and well-being.

    The lessons will all support the intent of living, loving, learning using threat free competition.

    Lesson activities are changing based on predicted weather. This will reduce where possible catching / throwing outdoor activities in the spring term, although this is NOT always possible.

    This follows feedback from students, and one area that was highlighted as impacting engagement and enjoyment. The main hall has been assigned to PE for all lessons which opens up the opportunities for table tennis to be taught, alongside the addition of 4 table tennis tables and bats/balls to allow for greater practical involvement. Where possible more will be purchased.


    The year focus will remain as a fundamental part to all lessons and activities.

    The year focus for each group

    • Year 7 Co-operation and communication
    • Year 8 Confidence and resilience
    • Year 9 Leadership and respect
    • Year 10 Responsibility and positivity
    • Year 11 Mental health and well-being
    • Year 12/13 Specialism and excitement

    Assessment of PE

    The assessment of PE will be fundamentally based upon the curriculum intent. In order for pupils to fairly assessed it is important that these strands are taught through schemes of learning and individual lessons.

    How PE will be assessed:

    • Teacher and student assessment lesson by lesson using clear learning objectives and outcomes.
    • This will include the mastery of fundamental movements and skills as well as living, loving and learning.
    • Students will be assessed also on their attitude to learning.
    • Year 7s will have the first half term doing a variety of activities in mixed groups, before being set into 2 set classes. This allows students the ability to participate and demonstrate their abilities not just in games-based lessons.
    • At the end of each half a pupils will complete a self-assessment, based on the year focus as well as the 3 strands of ‘Living, loving, learning’.


    · In year 7 all students entering will not be given a pathway. All students after the first week will complete a self-reflection about PE using a Microsoft form.

    Year 7 setting programme

    Students will be taught in mixed groups for the first half term doing 2 lessons on a range of activities to allow teachers to gain a clear understanding of the pupil’s mastery of fundamental movements and techniques. Pupils will then be set into 3 pathways, Support, Core and Ext, and then 2 classes. The first group will have a mix of ext. and core, the 2nd class a mixture of support and core. Each lesson should be focused around fun and co-operation with others. Using PE as a basis for pupils to get to know each other outside of their usual forms.


    Week 1

    Week 2

    Week 3

    Week 4

    Week 5

    Week 6

    Girls 1


    Table Tennis





    Girls 2



    Table Tennis




    Boys 1




    Table Tennis



    Boys 2





    Table Tennis


    · Pathways are changeable throughout the year based upon student progress.

    · The PoS this year reflects student feedback about facilities/weather and will hopefully maintain interest and enjoyment in activities.




    Students choosing GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION will study the OCR specification.

    All students following the GCSE course will have access to a host of online resources through the sharepoint site. 

    Further information about this course can be found here:

     Mr Rhodes is in charge of the GCSE course if you would like more information you should contact him via email; 


    Students following on from GCSE can opt to take an A-LEVEL in physical education in the sixth-form.

    Further information about the course can be found here:

     Miss Curling is in charge of the A level course if you would like more information you should contact her via email;