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    Parents' Link Group

    What is the Parents’ Link Group?

    The Parents’ Link Group is an open meeting which all parents and carers are encouraged to attend.  It provides an opportunity for them to

    • discuss and influence decisions that are being made by the school
    • meet each other and share experiences
    • become more involved in their child’s learning.

    The Group also provides the School with an opportunity to canvas the views and opinions of parents and carers on specific issues.

    Who runs the Group?

    The Group is chaired by a Bishop Ramsey School governor, Mrs Helen Dimmock.  The link to the School is through Mr Andy Lunnon, Senior Assistant Headteacher.

    How often does it meet?

    The Group meets once a term at 7.00pm in the main school hall.

    The meeting dates for the 2017/18 academic year are:

    • Tuesday 3rd October 2017
    • Tuesday 30th January 2018
    • Tuesday 19th June 2018

    Notes of each meeting are available to view by clicking on the relevant PDF at the bottom of this page.

    What issues does the Group discuss?

    The Group discusses a wide range of issues that are either raised by parents and carers, or by the School.  The thoughts and opinions of the Group are passed back to the School’s Governing Body.  Issues discussed previously include

    • the behaviour and attendance policies
    • school uniform/6th form dress code
    • curriculum and house days
    • reports and tracking data
    • homework
    • lost property

    A note of the discussions at each meeting will be posted on this page of the website and previous years' notes can be found by clicking 'PLG meeting notes archive' in the left hand menu on this page.  How these discussions have influenced decisions is fed back to parents at subsequent meetings.

    If you are unable to attend a forthcoming meeting but would like to raise a particular issue, please feel free to email your comments or suggestions to