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    Parent Trustee FAQ

    Who can be a parent Trustee?

    Parent trustees must be parents of a child at Bishop Ramsey at the time of their election.  Parent trustees do not have to stand down if their child leaves the school during the period they serve; they may serve out their term of office.

    How long is a parent trustee's term of office?

    At Bishop Ramsey the term of office is four years. Parent trustees are of course able to resign from office at any point during this term if they wish. They may stand for re-election at the end of their term of office if they still have a child at Bishop Ramsey.

    Do parent trustees have the same status and responsibilities as other trustees?

    Parent trustees have equal rights and status with all other trustees. They should take part in all aspects of the work of the Trust Board.

    How do parent trustees represent the views of all Bishop Ramsey parents?

    Although elected by parents, parent trustees are not obliged to express any views apart from their own. However, it is important they try to represent the views of parents on major issues to the Trust Board, where appropriate.  Attending Parent Link Group meetings, considering the results of Trust Board consultations and talking to other parents are all ways in which parent trustees can understand what parents’ views are.

    Is training provided for parent trustees?

    The Trust Board is responsible for the induction of new parent trustees. Training is also available through Governor Support Services and through courses run by the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS).  Bishop Ramsey has a buddy system for all new trustees, where they are paired with an experienced trustee who can answer questions and support them on school visits.

    Further information about advice and support for trustees is available from the DfE on the GOV.UK website.

    How much time does being a parent trustees take up?

    Bishop Ramsey has four Trust Board meetings each academic year. These last two and a half hours and are always held at 7.00pm in the evening.  Parent trustees will be invited to sit on one or two committees where they have an interest or feel they can make a contribution. Committee meetings generally take place once or twice each term and last for up to two hours.

     In addition, trustees are encouraged to visit the school from time to time to develop their understanding of the school, so they can fulfil their duties effectively.  In the past trustees have been linked to specific faculties and year groups, but the trustee visit process is under review at the present time.  All visits should be notified to the Executive Head’s PA and the findings reported back to the Trust Board.

    Do parent trustees handle complaints?

    Other parents may approach parent trustees with complaints about the school. These should be referred directly to the School's Complaints Manager without the parent trustee becoming involved. If the complaint is about the Executive Head, the matter should be referred to the Chair of Trustees. Further details about the complaints procedure can be found in the Complaints Policy on the school website.  Click here to open the 'School Policies' page in another window.

    Parent trustees may be asked to sit on the Trust Board appeals panel. They are free to decline if they wish and should do so if they have been involved in the complaint either as a parent or as a trustee.

    Who should I speak to if I am interested in becoming a parent trustee?

    Elections are held for parent trustees whenever a term of office ends or a parent trustee resigns. However, either the Chair of Trustees or one of the existing parent trustees will be pleased to discuss the role with you at any time.  You can contact them through the following email companysecretary@bishopramsey.school