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    Our plans for 2018 - 2019

    Below is a summary of our plans for 2018 - 2019  from our current year's School Development Plan categorised under the headings of our 5 strategic aims which guide us in the way we deploy our resources and order our priorities at Bishop Ramsey.


    Every Learner an Empowered Learner & Every Lesson an Outstanding Lesson

    • To continue focusing on Outstanding teaching and learning (Embrace opportunities to learn and develop).
    • To focus on closing the gap.  Boys, Pupil Premium, SEND, High Ability and any Faculty specific priorities.
    • Use of technology, BYOD and planning continued roll-out for next year. Consideration of electronic assessment methods.
    • To continue to work on recruiting and retaining outstanding staff.

    Every Day at School a Rich Experience & Every Relationship a Positive Encounter

    • Continued and renewed focus on the wellbeing of students and staff.
    • Continue developing the Chaplaincy, the Virtue Project and reinforce the Christian ethos of the school.
    • Ensure students have a full and broad experience (eg. extra-curricular, inter-house events, different learning experiences).

    A Community that looks Outwards and Beyond

    • Expand opportunities to reach out to and support our local and global community.
    • Ensure that Bishop Ramsey has a high profile locally and nationally.

    6th Form Focus

    • Develop 6th Form learning skills and attitudes.
    • Review course offer, including admissions criteria.
    • Use the new 6th Form/Adult Learning space and continued focus on increasing numbers.

    A School that lives within its means

    • Consider how money could be saved and ensure that all spending offers value for money.