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    Our plans for 2017-2018

    Below is a summary of our plans for 2017-18 from our current year's School Development Plan categorised under the headings of our 6 strategic aims which guide us in the way we deploy our resources and order our priorities at Bishop Ramsey.

          Every Learner an Empowered Learner

    • Embed Assessment for Learning in all Key Stages, taking particular care that the assessment of students' work is a vibrant part of their dialogue with their teachers
    • Ensure that all students are on the right learning pathway and that they make rapid and sustained progress
    • Ensure that students eligible for Pupil Premium make strong progress
    • Ensure that homework plays an effective part in students' education at all Key Stages
    • Embed BR'S Literacy Policy and ensure that students' written work fully reflects their ability
    • Ensure that our A Level students are fully equipped to succeed at the new specifications

          Every Lesson an Outstanding Lesson

    • Reinvigorate the spirit of BR staff as a learning community of professionals
    • Ensure that Inclusion is central to the whole mission of BR and improve the effectiveness of team working between teachers and LSAs
    • Ensure that BR's 'Behaviour Triangle' is used well and consistently and that good pedagogy is uniform across the school
    • Plan ahead for the successful introduction of students bringing their own digital devices to lessons from 2018
    • Further develop the use of the Isolation Room as a key element in supporting learning

          Every Day at School a Rich Experience

    • Ensure that the experience of Pupil Premium students is as rich as that of others
    • Address concerns about students’ mental health by further developing the use of Mindfulness techniques
    • Develop the work of the Eco Group with noticeable effects on recycling, litter and waste
    • Develop systematic support for disaffected students involving mentoring and restorative justice
    • Capitalise on the increased Chaplaincy resources to enrich the Christian Life of the School

          Every Relationship a Positive Encounter

    • Improve the quality of communication within BR by building on the findings of the Staff Communication Report
    • Increase staff involvement in driving the improvement to their wellbeing
    • Improve the relationship between the school and all parents
    • Develop the Virue Project across the whole of the life of the school

          A Community that looks Outwards and Beyond

    • Ensure that the SCITT continues to offer an outstanding initial teacher education and be financially successful
    • Explore BR's status as an approved Academy Sponsor and seek out opportunities to open a further Free School or sponsor an Academy
    • Develop our growing partnership with local CofE primary schools
    • Continue our growing involvement in the local community and the local Christian community
    • Develop our work with other schools and the LA as a National Teaching School
    • Bid for funds to support school improvement at Malosa
    • Develop the Alumni Association to bring benefits for the school
    • Celebrate BR's 40th Birthday in style

          A School that lives within its Means

    • Reduce costs by reviewing our curriculum and staffing structures
    • Raise revenue by increasing 6th Form numbers
    • Increase revenue from donations and lettings
    • Raise revenue from the School’s activities as a National Teaching School and SCITT including marketing courses to schools in the local area
    • Work with FBR to make the best use of their funds and their expertise
    • Investigate the feasibility of establishing an on-site Nursery