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    Music is part of the Expressive Arts Faculty

    • Miss S Rottmann – Acting Head of Music
    • Mrs J Head - HLTA


    Extra-Curricular Timetable 2019

    Bishop Ramsey runs a variety of extra-curricular activities for all year groups, including the Bishop Ramsey School Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Musical Theatre Club and Junior Choir. Students are also able to audition for Canterbury Form Choir which takes place Monday to Thursday. 


    Key Stage 3

    Music is taught in mixed-ability groups through the areas of appraising, performing and composing. The topics we study fall broadly into three main areas: Western Classical music, World music and Popular music.

    Year 7 Units:

    • Ode to Joy
    • Rhythm and Percussion
    • Vocals
    • 12-bar Blues
    • Band Performance

    Year 8 Units:

    • Film Music
    • Musical Theatre
    • Reggae
    • Pachelbel’s Canon
    • Music Videos



    Key Stage 4

    At GCSE level we study the Edexcel 9-1 syllabus at KS4 where we focus on four areas of study:

    • Instrumental Music 1700-1820
    • Vocal Music
    • Music for Stage and Screen
    • Fusions

    At the end of the third year of a GCSE course students will sit a listening exam based on the eight set works from the topics listed above. The exam is worth 40%. Students will also compose two pieces of music which are worth 30% (one original and one set by the Edexcel Exam Board). Students will play a solo piece on their instrument/voice and perform in a duet or ensemble. Both performances are worth 30%. 

    Key Stage 5

    At AS and A2 we study the Eduqas syllabus [WJEC]. The listening focus is on Western Classical music, Musical Theatre and 20thCentury music. At the end of the two year course, students will sit a listening and appraising exam based on the areas of study listed above. Students will complete a live performance/recital of three different areas of study (35%) to an examiner and submit two compositions (25%), one original in a Western Classical Style and one set by the exam board.