A Christian Learning Community


    House System

    On entry to Bishop Ramsey all students are allocated to one of six houses, which take their names from cathedral cities and from the acronym RAMSEY. Houses compete throughout the year for house points with cups going to the winners in each event and to the overall winners. Inter- house competitions take place in a wide range of activities including art, music, chess, 5-a-side football, netball, rounders, basketball, spelling, public speaking and Sports Day. House points are also awarded for good work and acts of service to the community. We make every effort to put new students in the same house as their siblings.

    This year sees a change, as the senior students take over the running of the house system.


    Houses (2018/19)

    Deputy Head Boy and Girl in charge of houses - Raheem Coombs & Eva Kyriacou.


             House                     Colour             Head of House                           House Captain

    R      Rochester              Red                   Jessica Buckingham                tbc


    A      St Albans               Blue                  Alex Cameron                             tbc


    M     Manchester            White             Alex Ponzini                                tbc


    S     Salisbury                 Purple              Alice Burness                               tbc


    E     Exeter                     Green                  Amy Barrett                               tbc


    Y     York                         Yellow                Grace Hooper                           tbc        




    Exeter are Champiions

    Champions 2017/2018 – York House