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    House Profiles


    “United we stand, divided we fall.” (Æsop)

    Rochester house is more than just a name given to some of the students at Bishop Ramsey School. Rochester represents a family of students who work together to achieve greatness.

    Our red lanyards reflect the passion and energy of our house and our determined and competitive approach allows every student to show their talents and shine. We encourage students by providing a supportive atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and motivation so that each student can reach their full potential.

    Led by House Captain, Jessica Buckingham, we support and encourage students to join as a team, get involved and utilise their talents to lead us to success.

    St Albans

    "Don't stop until you're proud."

    St Albans House thrives on team spirit, perseverance and enthusiasm. We were involved in nearly all the competitions last year and hope for even more success this year.

    As a team, we are looking for all of our students to get involved in house events by demonstrating their talents and supporting one another. Taking part and grabbing opportunities is everything.

    Led by House Captain, Alex Cameron, we thrive on challenge and supporting each other to achieve the best we can.



    “Do your best and enjoy yourself”

    We believe that a student’s life in school should not solely be focused upon educational gains. Students’ school experience should be about focusing on character development as well as bringing fun and enjoyment into the school day.

    By competing in House Events students will have a chance to compete and socialise with other students in and out of their year groups in a friendly yet competitive setting. As well as this, students will learn more about themselves and life in general through the experiences they gain. Academically successful students may face a challenge that they do not know how to instinctively overcome; there are many valuable lessons to be learned through failure. Contrastingly students who may not naturally shine in a classroom setting will have opportunities to develop and show off pre-existing skills and talents; every student deserves recognition of success. 

    Led by House Captain, Alex Ponzini, we will always put in 100%.



    “ So often the students you are trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you”

    Sean Junkins

    Salisbury is full of fun, team spirit and ambition.  We strive to achieve through friendship and hard work.

    Our kaleidoscope of talent will shine through this year with us competing in house cooking, netball, dodgeball, football and debating, to name just a few.  We are always looking for fresh ideas and new faces, as our new year 7s join us we are blessed with a whole new wave of new enthusiasm and ambition.   Every new addition brings another string to our bow.

    Alongside Alice Burness as House Captain we have our Year 12 vice captains to give a true representation of our wonderful house each with a different strength to offer advice and encouragement.

    The door is always open and everyone is welcome to join us on our journey to take our house to the top!


    I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley

    The green ties and lanyards of Exeter leave all other students envious of the success of this House. Over the past few years Exeter have continued to grow and build a strong cohesive family based on commitment, determination and hard work.

    With House Captain Amy, a team of Vice-Captains in Year 12 and fantastic House Reps in each form, the future is bright for Exeter House. A huge congratulations to all students who contributed to the success of the House in the last academic year. Keep up the good work.



    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

    Given the dedication and drive to succeed I have seen from members of York, I have no doubt that we are strong contenders to continue our success and win this year.

    The bright yellow lanyards of York represent the vibrant and positive nature of this house. Last year we went from strength to strength with our winning combination of hard work, great team spirit and sheer determination.

    We have a very committed and enthusiastic House Captain in Grace Hooper, who is working to support and push all members of York to success in hopes that 2019 will be our year again!