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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please find below a list of websites which provide answers to regularly asked student's questions about careers.


    What is the difference between 6th Form and College?


    What are my choices after 6th Form (or College)?

    This is an online magazine. A hard copy can be obtained from the Careers Advisor at Parents' Evenings.


    Are there different types of Apprenticeships?




    What career will suit me?

    Students can take the 'Buzz Test'  to find out what animal they are and possible careers.




    What qualifications do I need for a particular job?

     See the source image


    What is it like at University?


    I'd like to study X. Which University does the course I need and what subjects and grades do I need at A Level or Diploma?


    How do I apply to University?



    I don't want to go to University. What are my options?

    The websites below give current vacancies including Degree Apprenticeships.




    Where is my nearest Job Centre?

    Use the link below to find your nearest office.
    Jobcentre Plus Logo


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