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    Malawi 2019


                   The Bishop Ramsey Group with Malosa students at Zomba Plateau 


    Ex-student Sabrina Stocker of The Apprentice  

    It was great to welcome back Sabrina Stocker who came in to talk to Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. She shared some stories about her time in the The Apprentice and thoughts on Alan Sugar and his team.

    Sabrina told students about her Tennis Events Business, her TV work and challenges along the way. Her over-riding message was one of taking opportunities and making things happen for yourself. She answered wide ranging questions - from how to apply for The Apprentice, was Alan Sugar really as mean as he seems? How did Sabrina set up her own business, how was she such a confident public speaker?


    Wellbeing Week Oct 2nd 2017

    Wellbeing week was lead by the Senior Prefect team who delivered assemblies sharing the message that at Bishop Ramsey ' it's okay to say'. The clear message was that talking about Mental Health is just as important as talking about Physical Health. Twitter and Instagram accounts were set up for students to post selfies to show their support and 'join the conversation'.

    The PowerPoint below offers suggestions to those who need support

    News of  extra curricular trips and activities :

    Malawi 2019 visit is leaving at the end of June - students are gathering gifts to take - stationary, pens, footballs, clothing, medical items - any donations would be welcome.

    Malawi 2017 was an amazing trip - students interacted with pupils at Malosa Secondary school , visited local villages and worked with the Macobo volunteers to make a new floor for a very sick young woman. New desks were purchased to furnish classrooms at Malosa so students who had been working while sat on the floor, could study in comfort. The trip was rounded off with close encounters with Hippo and Elephants and beautiful sunsets over the Shire river. Congratulations to all those who went and thank you to all staff, parents and students who supported the trip by donating clothing, stationary, footballs and kit, medical equipment and so much more. Everything was given to people who really needed it and they send their warm appreciation.
 Please follow this link to a short film of the trip made by Eleanor Hoyle (Yr 13)