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    Economics is a part of the Social Studies Faculty


    • Mr D Carter - Head of Business and Economics
    • Mr D Poole 
    • Mr A Jeffries 

    The Economic Problem is “the satisfying of infinite wants with finite resources.” It is, essentially, the study of how we manage our scarce resources. The objectives and performance of individuals, firms and governments are evaluated, given the fundamental economic problem of allocating scarce resources to competing uses.


    Key Stage 5

    GCE A-level Business is offered. 

    A-level economics is a two year course and students complete three exams, each which are two hours long.

    The themes covered centre around market fundamentals and how they function, the influence of government on the functions of markets, the macro indicators of an economy and how to `balance’ them, objectives and behaviour if firms given certain market conditions and the impact of globalisation.  The cohort ranges between 40-50 students per year and usually consists of a mix of both genders and from internal and external candidates. It is not a requirement to have studied Economics before and whilst it would be an advantage the past has proved that many capable students who have not, still go on to achieve high grades. Economics is academic in its approach; confidence in both Mathematics and English is an advantage as the examinations require a good standard of comprehension, fluency and the interpretation of statistical evidence. A significant number of students go on to choose Economics related university courses some at either Oxford or Cambridge.


    Extra Curricular

    The Business and Economics department offers a variety of trips and conferences throughout the year.  Over the past couple of years students have been to Ladbrokes, Linedata and Coca-Cola.  The Economics students have visited several lectures and competed in the Bank of England’s target inflation 2.0 competitions. Students that are 14 years and older can also get involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme and in the past the school have won awards in the scheme at the regional level for “Most Innovative Product” and “Outstanding Presentation'. It is hoped that the departments students will be able to participate in future residential visits to other countries as organised by the Social Studies Faculty.

    Finally, we offer numerous support sessions throughout the year to help with homework, exam technique and revision. These sessions will run after school.