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    Economics is a part of the Social Studies Faculty

    • Mrs G Gohil - Al-Sheikh - Head of Faculty/Head of Economics
    • Mr A Jeffries - Teacher of Economics

    A Level Economics will give you an excellent understanding of how economies allocate their scarce resources to meet the needs and wants of their citizens. You will develop a greater understanding of the economic problems which face individuals, firms and governments on a local, national and global level and the alternative ways these problems can be resolved.

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    Key Stage 5

    A-level economics is a two year course and students complete three exams, each which are two hours long.

    Students investigate microeconomic topics such as how individual decisions impact economic outcomes, the importance of competition, how markets operate and why they fail and how the distribution of income and wealth is affected. At the same time they will learn about macroeconomics, looking at the 'bigger picture' of how our national economy fits into the global context, the global impact of financial markets and monetary policy and the operation of the international economy.

    Economics is academic in its approach; confidence in both Mathematics and English is an advantage as the examinations require a good standard of comprehension, fluency and the interpretation of statistical evidence. A significant number of students go on to choose Economics related university courses some at either Oxford or Cambridge.

    Extra Curricular

    The Business and Economics Department offer a variety of trips and conferences throughout the year.  Economics students have visited several lectures in London and with Eton College and competed in the Bank of England’s target inflation 2.0 competitions.  Students will be able to participate in future residential visits to other countries as organised by the Social Studies Faculty.

    Finally, we offer support sessions to help with homework, exam technique and revision. These sessions will run after school.