School Life

    Delivery & Content of Programmes

    Students in all year groups receive pastoral and tutorial support and support during PSHE lessons.

    A summary of the specific Curriculum provision for Careers is outlined below:

    Year 7

    In Year 7 students work on employability skills such as teamwork and leadership

    Year 8

    In Year 8 students start to explore different careers in relation to the subjects which they study and the career and occupations they relate to in the world of work. This is linked to the options choices they make later in the year.

    Year 9

    Year 9 students continue to build on CIAG through more developed employability skills such as resilience, communication and leadership which they use and develop in their PSHE lessons.

    Year 10

    All Year 10 students attend a one day enrichment event. This event is specifically aimed at preparation for applying for jobs and college placements plus interview preparation and techniques. This includes a mock interview and debriefing session with contacts from local industry and the wider school community. They prepare for this by writing CVs and letters of application in their PSHE lessons.


    Work Experience

    All students in Year 10 complete one week of work experience, to develop a greater understanding of the world of work and identify the links between the skills used and developed in school, and those necessary in the workplace. Bishop Ramsey School has an excellent reputation among local employers for the high level of maturity and commitment of our pupils on work experience.

    Year 11

    In Year 11, students are prepared for making successful applications to post-16 opportunities.  All students in Year 11 complete a questionnaire concerning their interests and possible career / further education pathway. This data is then used to target students for group interviews and subject information sessions with our independent careers advisor, Les Prior.

    In January / February students have an interview with a senior member of school staff to help them prepare for options post 16.  All students also have the opportunity to visit Brunel University or participate in an apprenticeship workshop as part of their on-going careers programme. Students will also have the opportunity to fine tune their CV writing skills as well as having the opportunity to attend Careers/Apprenticeship Fairs (optional).

    Year 12 and 13

    Careers guidance is supported through PSHE lessons and the work of the sixth form team.  Research skills, sources of information, application procedures and interview skills are practised and reinforced. Students are given the chance to have a further careers interview with Les Prior our Careers Advisor and there is an opportunity to visit Higher Education fairs.  Les also runs sessions on alternative pathways for those who have decided that University is not the best option for them.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews.

    All students in Year 12 complete a questionnaire concerning their interests and possible career / further education pathway. This data is then used to target students for group interviews and subject information sessions.

    Further information

    For further information on Careers Advice and Guidance, you can access free support from the National Careers Service online -

    or by phone on 0800 100 900.

    Please also see the following web-sites -

    Gatsby Career Plan

    Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page for further information.


    Student Entitlement

    As a student of Bishop Ramsey School you are entitled to:

    • Individual and impartial careers guidance from a suitably qualified professional
    • Be treated with respect
    • The opportunity to gain the skills that you need to prosper in your chosen career
    • Information about all the options open to you at 16 and 18 years of age
    • Be referred for extra support if you need it and other agencies where appropriate