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    • Mr L Prior -  Independent Careers Advisor
    • Mrs V Chandarana - Administration Assistant


    The Careers Department at Bishop Ramsey provides information, advice and guidance to students on a wide range of issues that help them build the skills they will need for working life.

    The world of work has undergone significant changes in recent years and continues to do so and it is therefore even more important that we equip our students with the necessary skills for them to make decisions about their future, to know how and where to access information and to link subject areas and qualifications with possible career choices.

    Bishop Ramsey is committed to meeting the following 8 Gatsby benchmarks as set out in 'Careers strategy: making the most of everyone's skills and talents' (DFE Publication Dec 2017)

    • A stable careers programme
    • Learning from career and labour market information
    • Addressing the needs of each student
    • Linking curriculum learning to careers
    • Encounters with employers and employees
    • Experiences of workplaces
    • Encounters with further and higher education
    • Personal guidance

    GATSBY Career Plan 2019-20


    Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG)

    CIAG is available to all students, to enable them to make decisions about their education and careers choices. An overview of the service that is offered at Bishop Ramsey School can be seen below.

             Career Action Plans and Support

    All students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are entitled to a careers interview with our independent careers advisor Les Prior, who is in school each week to provide one-to-one and group guidance interviews for our pupils. Students who attend a one-to-one session are provided with a written action plan to help them realise their goal, to take home and share with their parents/carers so that they can assist their child in carrying out these actions. Parents and carers of students from Year 11 are also invited to attend the one-to-one interviews.

    An informal drop-in facility is also available for students from Years 12 and 13 during Friday mornings.

    Careers Resources

    We have a full range of careers resources in our School Library and 6th form Study Room. We also have access to software that will allow students of all ages access up-to- date careers information.  Elements of the Careers curriculum are covered in many subject areas as well as in PSHE.

    All students also have access to the Bishop Ramsey Careers Information Facebook page. In addition to the school VLE, this provides students with the latest opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships including, degree apprenticeships and more.

    There is also a careers area in Student Services that students can visit with prior arrangement.


    Careers Fair

    We also host a Careers Fair for all students (plus parents/carers) from Years 7 to 13.  This is usually held every 2 years and our 2019 event involved around 40 employers and educators from both regional and national organisations offering advice and information on apprenticeships, work, Higher and Further Education and Gap Years.  The Fair also includes presentations and master-classes from a wide variety of sectors. 


    Bishop Ramsey is working with 'Future First' to develop our alumni network. If you are interested in joining our network and returning to Bishop Ramsey to speak to current students, please click HERE for information on how to do this.