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    Speak Out Regional Final 2018

    Speak Out Regional Final – Bishop Ramsey winner

    On Wednesday 5th December, Georgia Hunt and her supporters made their way to the Hillingdon final of Jack Petchey’s ‘Speak Out’ competition, held at Oak Wood School. Georgia was selected to represent Bishop Ramsey School, having won the school competition in November. 

    The atmosphere was energetic and a real celebration of young people and what they can achieve. There were twenty one students, representing all the schools in Hillingdon, and their topics were as diverse as them. We had both humorous and emotional speeches on discrimination, Islamophobia, the power of words and even the whys and wherefores of space travel. Each was crafted, passionate and thought provoking, proving young people have plenty to say, when given the opportunity.

    Georgia gave an inspiring and eloquent speech entitled ‘Rainbow in Grayscale’, in which she expressed her experiences with depression and anxiety and gave a positive message about moving forward from problems to grow and be strong. She challenged her audience, speaking with energy and enthusiasm and delivering a clear, polished performance, of which she should be very proud.  So impressed were the judges, they awarded her first place.

    We are incredibly proud of Georgia, who now goes on to be judged out of 37 regional winners by a panel, who will shortlist to 15. If she is successful, she will speak at the grand final in July. Georgia has been a brilliant ambassador for the school, not just in the ambition and quality of her speech, but in the dedication she showed to perfecting it and ensuring it was the very best she could do.