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    Bishop Ramsey Students take new GCSEs in their stride

    Bishop Ramsey’s Year 11 students seemed particularly unfazed by the new GCSE grading system, recording results that were quite superb. Top Performer Melissa Jarman achieved a staggering eight grade 9s. Not far behind were the Johnson triplets who achieved thirteen grade 9s and 15 grade 8s between them. Among the many high performers was Alfie Hall, who registered six grade 9s and two grade 8s.

    Over 80% of the year group achieved passes in Maths and English and over a quarter of all GCSE entries were graded at 7 to 9 (including A* and A). The fine performance of the class of 2018 means that they are in an excellent position to move on to their A Level courses with real confidence.

    Bishop Ramsey is currently recruiting for A Level students and welcomes applicants from other schools as well as Bishop Ramsey. If you are interested please click on the Sixth Form tab and follow the link to Enrolment 2018.

    Alfie Hall - delighted with his results
    Melissa Jarman - an outstanding performance!