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    Students and staff celebrate an excellent set of GCSE results

    After all the uncertainty came the relief and excitement of an excellent set of GCSE results.

    There were tears of joy and whoops of excitement at Bishop Ramsey as students collected their results from School. Students' performance in Maths and English were every bit as strong as in previous years and across all subjects. There was a large number of impressively high grades.

    Among the top students, Nicolas Sandoval achieved Level 9 in Maths to go alongside two Level 8's in English Language and Literature and A*'s and A's in all his other subjects. Rosie Castle achieved 9's in both her English GCSE's, a 7 in Maths and A*'s and A's in all her other GCSE's.

    Matthew Brassey, Isabel Newns, Joseph Asaoka-Wright and Philippa Gadsby were among a clutch of students who all achieved results of this high calibre too.

    Headteacher, Andrew Wilcock said "I am delighted by these results. Students and teachers alike were looking forward anxiously to today. They all deserve our congratulations  on their super achievements.'


    "I'm speechless! All my hard work has paid off" 

    "Absolute Madness, I'm in shock!" 

    "I'm feeling very excited and pretty surprised at my high results"