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    Thursday 2nd March saw the return of  'Bishop Ramsey's Got Talent'.  Click on the picture above for the full report.

    Thursday 2nd March saw the return of the’ Bishop Ramsey’s Got Talent’ final. Following vigorous auditions there were 18 finalists who showed a variety of talent but unlike the tv programme acts were not voted off with the dreaded buzzer and red cross. However a panel of judges – Mrs Simmons, Mr Ketter and Mr Ubbi, scrutinised every act to find an eventual overall winner.

    Compered  by Elizabeth Tarsey and  Fleur Mahdessi-Sarkissian (far superior to  Ant and Dec)  the audience of students, staff and parents were introduced to a wide selection of entertainment – singing, dancing, acting, music and comedy. The evening opened  with a dance routine and was followed by an assortment of performances. These included drama from Chris and Alfie who acted a scene from this years summer production ‘Guys and Dolls’ (tickets will soon be available) and  in complete contrast Patrick Kerby’s comedy routine where he asked the audience for questions – a brave thing to do! There was a selection of singers interpreting all genres of music from Little Mix to Les Miserables plus a sprinkle of dance .  Three musicians showed their impressive skills firstly, Lukas Ivanovas and Austin Britton were a formidable duo on drums and piano and later Andrei Revenko, probably the best dressed participant, demonstrated his excellent piano playing.

    Following the acts the panel went away to make their decision and whilst they were deliberating who should win the prestigious award this year the audience were entertained by Renee James a year 13 who demonstrated her singing and piano playing skills.

    Then the wait was over as Mrs Simmons announced the Key stage winners – Abbey Dowsett for singing the Les Miserables favourite ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, James Orriss, for an entertaining and popular version of Born To Be A Winner and Katy Munroe for her excellent dance routine to ‘Battlefield’.

    Each member of the panel also spoke about their favourite routines before announcing the overall winner of this year’s BR’s Got Talent – Rachel Oduntan for her rendition of Redbone.

    Mrs Simmons said on behalf of the panel:

    ‘We thought that everyone showed real courage. We were amazed at the way the students showed poise and confidence on stage.

    The winners had something really special about them; either technical perfection in dance or perfect pitch and tone in singing. There were other stand out performances such as the stand up comedy, which deserved special mention. We also loved the instrumental pieces.The audience were incredibly supportive of one another. It was an evening to make us proud.’

    Congratulations to everyone who took part both on stage and backstage. We look forward to next year.

    Miss Neal, Senior Librarian