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    Year 7 Parents go back to School!

    English, Maths & Science Evening - Thursday 2nd February 2017



    Year 7 parents were back in the classroom, participating in our English, Maths and Science Evening which took place on Thursday 2nd February. Parents gained a valuable insight into how their children are taught today and how different it is to when they were at school themselves. Working in groups, parents were able to take part in a variety of exercises, puzzles and experiments. During the evening, the enthusiasm from our parents was very apparent, valuing the 'hands-on' approach to these subjects. Many thanks to Mr Kelly, Mrs Humphreys, Ms Pittaway and Miss Dell for giving up their time and making the evening so successful.

    "The teacher was lovely and enthusiastic. It was great to see how the children at school are encouraged"

    "It was interesting to see how fun maths is now"

    "The teacher was dynamic and passionate about her subject"

    "We were given lots of information about the resources children have access to"