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    • Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

      Published 21/05/19

      Congratulations to Georgia Hunt who has been selected from all the regional winners to participate in the grand final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge on 1st July. Only 15 students have been selected by a panel of judges, so it's a fantastic achievement!


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    • Italy 2019

      Published 24/04/19

      The Humanities Faculty embarked on a 6 day tour of Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Naples this Easter taking 38 KS4 and KS5 students with us.

      Students and staff enjoyed an action packed trip starting with a full day of touring visiting Vesuvius and Pompeii.  Following the epic trek up Vesuvius and learning all about the geography and history of the infamous volcano we all enjoyed walking around the rim and a chance to take some pictures of the stunning views of the Bay of Naples.  The afternoon was taken up with a walking tour of Pompeii learning about the ancient city and life there before its destruction.  That evening we enjoyed a traditional Italian meal at a local restaurant. 

      The second day was a chance to see the highlights of the Amalfi Coast.  All involved had ample chance to see the amazing views and take plenty of pictures.  We also had time to visit the historic site of Amalfi and enjoy some free time was well as the beautiful town of Ravello in the mountains.  This was followed by some free time in Sorrento with a chance to get a gelato and shop before dinner at a local pizzeria. 


      The next day started with a hydrofoil boat trip across to Capri across the slightly rougher waters than some of us would have liked!  However, once in Capri we enjoyed more amazing views and some shopping!  That evening we relaxed at the hotel and had dinner followed by some free time at night in Sorrento.

      The following day was a chance to see the historic ruins of Herculaneum, smaller but better preserved than Pompeii which was enjoyed by all, except for the rain!  That afternoon we all enjoyed some free time in Sorrento as well as some time to pack and get ready for dinner.  On our final night we ate at another local restaurant as well as celebrated Evie’s birthday!

      On our final day we headed to Naples to visit an Underground Museum which allowed us to see what life was like underneath the surface of the famous city.  We enjoyed wandering the streets as well as seeing some amazing Roman ruins that can be found in homes and buildings still in use today.  We finished our trip with a visit to the Archaeological Museum before heading to the airport for our journey home.

      Many of our students expressed what a wonderful time that had on their trip and how grateful they were to staff for taking them so a big thank you goes out to Miss Wood, Mr Wills, Mr Drury and Miss Robinson as well as all the students who made the trip a great success!




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    • Bishop Ramsey’s Got Talent

      Published 11/04/19

      On 7th March we were lucky enough to be entertained by 16 entries for “Bishop Ramsey’s Got Talent”.  Acts included singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and musicians. We opened the Talent Show with Ms Priestley’s powerful lungs, singing, “What’s up?by the Four Non Blondes. Ms Priestley, Mrs Hayward and Mr Bishop took on the roles of our judges for the evening. They found choosing the overall winners such a difficult challenge due to the huge amount of talent we were presented with. The overall winner of the competition was Ella Stanbridge (9Y) who wowed us with her beautiful version of Alicia Key’s song, “If I ain’t got you”. She was a well deserved winner and we hope to hear her perform at many more Bishop Ramsey events.

      I would like to give a special thanks to Pip Stock (Year 10 Choir) who compared the evening, and to Joe Buckley (9M), Zac Wallis (9R), Mr Foote and Mr Bishop for all their technical support. Thank you also to Mr Britton for his assistance with the organisation, to our three brilliant judges and most importantly to all the acts that stepped forward to share their talents with us. We were left feeling extremely proud of all of them.

      Other Winners of the evening included:

      Overall KS4: Harmoni Swaby (11M) and Ella Soares-Smith (Year 9 Choir)

      Overall KS3: Edward Britton (8A) and Evie-Grace Dennis (8M)

      Best entertainment Act: Harry Durn (7Y)

      Miss L Carroll, Head of Drama


      Ella Soares-Smith
      Harry Durn


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    • Spring Concert 2019

      Published 05/04/19

      The Spring Concert, held on Thursday 28th March, celebrated the musical talents of students from Year 7 to Year 13. Confidently hosted by Pip Stock (Y10) the concert had more than fifty students showcase their skills in a diverse programme of solos and ensembles.  Following rehearsals throughout the term, there were stunning performances from the Canterbury Choir, the Bishop Ramsey Orchestra and Musical Theatre Clubs as well as Concert and Jazz Bands. There were also outstanding duets and solos performed during the evening, offering something for all musical tastes. A special mention goes to our drummer Ruben Logan (Y13) who supported and led various ensembles and performed a stunning version of “Grebfruit”.

      My thanks go to all performers and staff, with special thanks to Dan Bishop for providing support, technical expertise and equipment.

      Miss S Rottmann, Acting Head of Music

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    • Pi Day

      Published 19/03/19

      March 14th, Year 7 students took part in activities to mark Pi Day.

      Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in Mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circular object to its diameter.   The Pi Day activities enriched and deepened students' understanding of the concept of Pi.

      Some students had the following to say about Pi Day:

      "Pi Day was fun-filled day where through investigations we got to learn lots about the pi digits. We measured circumference and diameter of circles and different real life objects like bicycle wheel and a wok. We then divided the circumference of the circle by the diameter .  Our group managed to get 3.13. Pi Day was enjoyable I’d definitely do it again!"

      “I’ve learnt that google has added another 9million digits to the Pi number this afternoon. I like Pi,  lots of numbers”.

      “My favourite part was finding Pi and eating pie”.

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    • Austria Ski Trip 2019

      Published 14/03/19

      The ski trip was a great experience and I would definitely go again.  Before the letter came out to go on the ski trip I already knew that I wanted to go.  My friends and I all booked together so I knew I wouldn’t be on my own.  Everyday on the slopes I felt like I had improved from the day before.  Most students on the trip had never put on a pair of skis, but by the end of the week they were so confident they could have been skiing their whole lives!  I really enjoyed the trip because there was a good balance between fun and focus.  I had a lot of fun on the slopes with my friends but I also progressed with my skiing ability.  The evening activities were also very entertaining and there was something to do each night.  The activities included bowling, swimming, awards night and many more.  I would definitely recommend going on the ski trip as it is a great opportunity as well as a new experience.

      Lily Diggins, 8M

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    • Krakow 2019

      Published 24/01/19

      Our annual Cross-Curricular trip to Krakow to visit the historic and powerful site of Auschwitz-Birkenau took place 19th to 21st January this year.


      The trip started on a lighter note with a visit to a traditional Polish restaurant for dinner & folklore entertainment, which both students and staff participated in.


      The next day was a moving and emotional day with an early start to visit first Auschwitz I, the original concentration camp, and later Auschwitz II, the death camp where over 1 million lives perished at the hands of the Nazi regime.


      The afternoon consisted of lunch in the medieval town square followed by a visit to the Galicia Jewish Museum where we had the great honour of hearing from Anita Panek, a survivor of the Holocaust who went on to become a successful scientist in South America. Her story was one of great sadness but also one of human resilience and inspiration. This was then followed by dinner at a local Jewish restaurant.


      The final day had an altogether lighter theme with a visit to the Salt Mines and then some all important souvenir shopping!!


      This is now the third year we have run the trip and it remains a difficult but thoroughly worthwhile experience for both staff and students.


      Miss L Robinson

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    • Christmas Drama Production

      Published 11/12/18

      On Thursday 6th December 2018, the Drama Department hosted an evening to celebrate all the wonderful things that have been happening within our extra curricular clubs. In our first act the Drama Club treated us to some comical extracts from the book
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    • Speak Out Regional Final 2018

      Published 07/12/18

      Speak Out Regional Final – Bishop Ramsey winner

      On Wednesday 5th December, Georgia Hunt and her supporters made their way to the Hillingdon final of Jack Petchey’s ‘Speak Out’ competition, held at Oak Wood School. Georgia was selected to represent Bishop Ramsey School, having won the school competition in November. 

      The atmosphere was energetic and a real celebration of young people and what they can achieve. There were twenty one students, representing all the schools in Hillingdon, and their topics were as diverse as them. We had both humorous and emotional speeches on discrimination, Islamophobia, the power of words and even the whys and wherefores of space travel. Each was crafted, passionate and thought provoking, proving young people have plenty to say, when given the opportunity.

      Georgia gave an inspiring and eloquent speech entitled ‘Rainbow in Grayscale’, in which she expressed her experiences with depression and anxiety and gave a positive message about moving forward from problems to grow and be strong. She challenged her audience, speaking with energy and enthusiasm and delivering a clear, polished performance, of which she should be very proud.  So impressed were the judges, they awarded her first place.

      We are incredibly proud of Georgia, who now goes on to be judged out of 37 regional winners by a panel, who will shortlist to 15. If she is successful, she will speak at the grand final in July. Georgia has been a brilliant ambassador for the school, not just in the ambition and quality of her speech, but in the dedication she showed to perfecting it and ensuring it was the very best she could do.



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    • Speak Out Assembly Final

      Published 26/11/18

      On Wednesday 21st November, four speakers battled it out to earn the right to represent Bishop Ramsey at the Hillingdon finals of the Jack Petchey Speakout Challenge.

      The ‘speak-off’ took place in assembly and year 10 students Elena Manchorova, Mae Mahdessi-Sarkissian, Thea Cook and Georgia Hunt spoke eloquently and passionately about mental health, the NHS, the education system and social media.  

      The winner was judged by a panel of Mrs Adamson, Mrs Neal and Mr Britton. Georgia came first, with Thea as runner-up. All students demonstrated fantastic dedication and energy in their preparation and the crafting of their speeches, which had to be delivered without notes, completely from memory.

      Congratulations to all the speakers; well done on reaching a high standard of excellence and ensuring the voices of young people are heard in such a positive way.  

      Miss C Wells

      Assistant Head (English and Literacy)

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    • St Cecilia Concert

      Published 26/11/18

      The Music Department hosted the St. Cecilia Concert, in candle light, on Thursday 22nd November.


      A wide variety of musical items from different genres were performed by the students at Bishop Ramsey. It was delightful to see many students involved from Year 7 to Year 13. It was ecstatic to witness the audience of 150 people in the main hall!


      I hope parents, members of staff and, most importantly, the students who performed on the evening, enjoyed the results of their hard work!

      It was a memorable night and I look forward to seeing many more concerts to come.

      Ms D Jankauskaite

      Head of Music

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    • Lest We Forget - Bishop Ramsey Remembers

      Published 15/11/18

      The students and staff at Bishop Ramsey commemorated the centenary of the Armistice and the end of the First World War in a week of events and displays organised by Miss Neal, Mr Flynn and Mr Britton.  

      Mr Flynn led World War One assemblies for each year group. Flags of participating nations were displayed in the Atrium whilst posters and facts of the period were exhibited around the school. A colourful display of students home made poppies and tiles was also prominent. The library held  an exhibition which included facsimiles of newspapers of the week leading up to 11th November 1918 and a book of Remembrance to the Ruislip fallen.

      Year 7 and 8 students watched part of the film ‘Journeys End’. Based on R C Sheriffs biographical play set in 1918 it portrays the horror of the trenches and the awful conditions the men suffered. The students found it a emotional experience. For the older students there was a showing of Peter Jackson’s ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’.

      Garden of Remembrance

      On Friday 9th November staff and students planted a garden of remembrance to commemorate the lost generation of the First World War and the fallen of other conflicts.

      Mr Britton and Miss Neal led a short ceremony of commemoration accompanied by student representatives from each form. Miss Neal and Oliver Kavanagh explained that on Sunday 11th November at 11a.m it would be exactly 100 years to the minute that the First World War ended. Millions had been killed or injured and every member of the community affected. The majority of the fallen were buried overseas or missing so the Nations dead were commemorated through war memorials including gardens.

      The poem ‘Who are These Men’ was excellently read by Rhodri Leach.

      Miss Neal and Harry Donovan then planted two trees both red for remembrance. These were joined by a heather and a lavender both white for peace. One student representative from each form then planted wild flowers and meadow grass seeds to represent a Flanders field using the flowers of remembrance – the Poppy for Britain and the Empire, the Cornflower for France, the Daisy for Belgium and the Forget Me Not for Germany. During the planting the name, rank and age of the fallen engraved on Ruislip war memorial were read out by Rowan Gale and Mr Britton, a poignant moment for everyone present.

      Following the planting Rosie Castle read the appropriate poem In Flanders Field.

      The ceremony concluded with Mr Britton reciting Laurence Binyon’s Exhortation ‘They Shall Grow Not Old…’ and a moments silence was held for all who had suffered through the Great War.

      The garden will now become a focal point for commemoration every November as well as being a place of reflection throughout the year. We will watch the trees and flowers grow representing the young and old who never returned.

      Service of Commemoration

      On Monday 12th November the entire school stood outside to commemorate the end of the First World War in a short service of Remembrance. The service was introduced by Mrs Adamson and then there was a bible reading by Altay Shaw and Philippa Gadsby. The poem In Flanders Field was read and this was followed by the laying of two poppy wreaths by Miss Neal and Mr Flynn. Miles Da Silva ably played the Last Post to signal The Two minutes silence which was held perfectly by the entire school whilst the Union Flag was lowered by the Head boy, Robbie Brown. The short service ended with prayers led by Mr Alan Wright, Lay reader at St Lawrence, Eastcote. A fitting tribute to those who served and fell.

      We Will Remember Them.


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