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    Who to Contact at Bishop Ramsey

    It is sometimes difficult knowing who to contact when having an enquiry.

    You may find the following information helpful.

    Most commonly communication is via email or telephone. Parents/carers can send emails to their son/daughter's teachers via the Parent Portal where they will have automatic access to email address. If parents/carers telephone the school they will be able to speak to a member of the office staff who will ask them to leave a voicemail message with the teacher they wish to contact should the teacher not be available at that time.

    Initial enquiries concerning your son/daugher should be directed as follows:

    General Enquiries - Form Tutor

    Subject Specific Enquiry - Subject Teacher/Head of Faculty

    Overall Student Progress - Year Director

    Serious Concerns - Leadership Team


    Other Useful Contacts

    Admissions Mrs Dixon 01895 671092
    Attendance Mrs Kimber 01895 671001
    Exams Mrs Harding 01895 671044
    Finance   01895 671002
    Lettings/Hire of Facilities Mrs Redfern 01895 671039
    Lockers Mrs Morrissey 01895 671081
    Office   01895 639227
    Parent Portal Mrs Jerham 01895 671041
    ParentPay Mrs Hagon 01895 671002
    Pastoral Mrs Hampton 01895 671004
    Pastoral Mrs Owen 01895 671047
    Pastoral (Sixth Form)  Mrs Morrison 01895 671096
    Show My Homework     Details to follow
    Welfare & Lost Property Mrs James 01895 671088