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    Government & Politics is part of the Humanities Faculty


    Miss L Robinson - Teacher of History, Government & Politics and Pupil Premium Champion

    Politics is only offered at Key Stage 5

    Politics is the study of the exercise of power. This means that it has a huge impact on your daily life.   Most of the key issues in our society - such as crime, poverty and the environment - are political. The study of Politics is an exciting intellectual challenge where students can deploy a variety of skills: debate and discussion, the ability to create an effective argument and analyse information to make valid judgments, to name but a few.

    New Government & Politics A Level (teaching from September 2017)

    At Bishop Ramsey we will be following the new AQA specification which focuses on British & American (including comparative) government and politics as well as core political ideas (Conservatism, Socialism & Liberalism) and Anarchism.

    The new A Level comprises 3 papers:


    Assessment overview

    Percentage of the A Level

    Paper 1 – Government & Politics of the UK

    • 2 hour written exam
    • A mixture of medium length ‘explain’ and essay style questions


    Paper 2 – Government and Politics of the USA and comparative politics

    • 2 hour written exam
    • A mixture of medium length ‘explain’ and essay style questions


    Paper 3 – Political ideas

    • 2 hour written exam
    • A mixture of medium length ‘explain’ and essay style questions
    • Students are expected to study 4 ideologies (Socialism, Liberalism, Conservatism & Anarchism) and the ideas of 5 theorists for each ideology


    Further details of the new specification can be found here -

    Year 13

    Students in year 13 are still following the ‘old’ A Level specification and will be studying:

    American politics considering similar issues to those at AS and with a focus on comparing the systems and processes in the two nations.  The two units which are studied are outlined below:

    GOVP3A - The Politics of the USA

    • The Electoral Process and Direct Democracy
    • Political Parties
    • Pressure Groups
    • Voting behaviour

    GOVP4A - The Government of the USA

    • The Constitutional framework of the USA
    • US Congress
    • The President
    • The Supreme Court

    Extra Curricular

    The Government & Politics Department has a strong commitment to learning beyond the classroom.  Last year selected students were lucky enough to visit the U.S. Embassy and meet the Ambassador. 

    In previous year we have run mock elections, visited the House of Commons and the Supreme Court.


    The Government & Politics Department at Bishop Ramsey has a Twitter account to aid students in keeping up to date with an ever changing subject.  Follow us and keep up to date @BR_GovandPol.