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    School Life


    The curriculum at Bishop Ramsey has been designed to give students a varied ‘diet’ through the timetabled lessons as well as the many extra curricular opportunities outside the classroom.

    *NEW* Year 8 Pathways

    Please click here to access the presentation delivered by Mrs Watson to our Year 8 parents on Tuesday 7th March 2017 giving an overview of the process.


    There are 25 lessons in a week (five one hour lessons each day), one of which (Friday Period 2) is Learning for Life.  In this lesson, students work in their tutor groups looking at issues that affect them as members of the community and encouraging the growth of their personal identities.   Some are specific to their year e.g. option choices in Year 8, whilst others are wider in their relevance e.g. awareness of environmental issues.


    The curriculum at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 8) covers all the needs of students to gain a good understanding of the subjects. 

    We also run a catch-up programme for students entering Bishop Ramsey in Year 7 who did not achieve the expected outcomes in Reading and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2.  Further information can be found by clicking this link.

    GCSE Options

    During Year 8 the students select the subjects they wish to follow at GCSE.  They choose 4 from a list of subjects already studied as well as new ones e.g. Sociology.  The Year Director works closely with the students and parents to ensure good choices are made and there is the opportunity to personalise the curriculum to allow students more support for English and Mathematics as well as other lessons.

    Sixth Form

    In the Sixth Form, most students study 4 A Levels (GCE) in Year 12 and drop one subject early on to concentrate on 3 A Levels.  Extra qualifications are available which enhance future applications  - Students are able to do Further Maths if they take Maths A Level and all students can choose to do an Extended Project Qualification.


    Extra-Curricular & Enrichment

    Outside of the timetabled lessons, there are a number of extra curricular activities.  There are numerous clubs running most days after school as well as trips etc.  During the year, most faculties offer opportunities for students to be involved, ranging from visits to Art museums, Science competitions and talks from invited speakers.  There are 2 curriculum days, one organised in Year groups and the other in Houses, which allows the students to experience activities not covered in the normal curriculum.  There are also enrichment days at the end of the Summer Term.

    You can find more detail on all of the items mentioned above on our website and specific subject information in the left hand menu on this page.